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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Dear Diary: A year away from it all...

A thought came up to me two days ago. I have worked my ass off since I was 18 yrs. old and I never really had a long rest. I just work after a job finished. I thought about what if after I finished my mortgage and paid all of my credit card bills, I rest for a year from work? And for that year, I will spend my time doing things I love the most such as traveling the Philippines, writing and starting a business? 

I have always wanted to travel the Philippines, I have only been to a few places and I know there is still so much to see. There are a lot of peso fares or promotional fares as they call it. Or if taking a flight is too expensive, maybe I can take the local transportation, the cheaper options. 

Then I can write about my adventures. Or write about what I like to write, which are stories of people to inspire other people. Writing has always been my first love and ever since I was young, I dream of being a writer. I have write in blogs and shared some in Facebook but I never publish a book. 

Do you think it will work? If I rest for a year, that means that my husband will also rest for a year too and that means there won't be any source of income that year. That dream year will happen if we have saved up enough money for our daily expenses. And maybe I can go for small jobs during that year as well. Of course, we will not stay in Hong Kong during that "gap year", we will stay in our house in Cebu and we can try to minimize our expenses. 

That is just a thought but I really hope it can come true...

What's the next plan after that gap year, if you ask me?

After that gap year, maybe I have fully rested enough that I can come back to stress again. We can come back to Hong Kong and continue where we left. Maybe after that gap year, we can start to plan for a family? But who knows what the future holds, maybe I'll figure the next step later. 

Oh well, better work for a plan to attain it... shall update soon! 


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