Dear Diary: Monday.... Why?


Like any normal working person in this world, I have experienced Monday blues today.

Firstly, summer and humidity is kicking in Hong Kong and my body just can't bear it. The heat has comes into my head and I easily get irritated. And when I get irritated, I get angry with people in the most unreasonable way.

This morning, I got so mad with my husband that I punched him. I didn't mean it, of course but my apologies came in too late. I never should have done it. He wouldn't accept my apology until lunch time at around 1 pm - when he have already slept and rested. With that, I was so relieved. I tried to finish my work on time but ended up still having another hour of over time. Fortunately, I have been able to catch up with my husband and we just ended the fight with a warm hug. I'm just the luckiest woman ever, married to the most forgiving man.

Anyway, I had a late lunch despite my usual 1 pm... I had lunch at 2 pm. There's just a lot of work load but I can't give up my family time, so I still went home at my reasonable time. I don't even know why Monday is the most stressful day of the week. I am sure, it's not its fault, but...

Well, the best bummer of all, is the letter I received from my University. My exam schedule completely conflicts with my Europe trip. I can't believe it... I hope heaven will work its magic and do something to change the final exam's course. I already need to miss my Marketing subject final exam because of my South Africa trip. Romania is something special that of course, I will do anything to have a wine tour there. It's going to be a first time for me, I might not be lucky next time to be on this trip. Well, I haven't really decided whether I am giving up my Romania trip, the date is still quite far. For now, I am waiting for a miracle.

I hope Tuesday will be much better, I am praying for a kinder tomorrow. :)

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