Dear Diary: Don't Sweat The Small Stuff


I finally decided not to sweat the small stuff and release those toxic thoughts that I have these past few weeks. I better choose what I prefer to do to avoid later regrets. I have always lived my life that way, not think about what other people think and simply jump on what I think can make me happy. So far, with those past decisions I have done, I am still very much happy with the results.

I will be going to Romania in spite of the exam I will have on those days. An opportunity to go to Romania doesn't come often and here's the chance for me to go. Who in their crazy boring mind would prefer to have an exam when you can have it next year? Romania won't come again next year. Anyway, I just learned I will only be able to graduate by year 2016. Another one I am planning is the India trip for me and Mac. I really do hope I can save more money to buy those flight tickets for Christmas. As I have written in my previous post, one of my goals is to reach India, especially with Mac to see the Taj Mahal, a wonderful symbol of love. I haven't told my plans to Mac yet but I hope my plan will work. There are a lot of holidays for Christmas which I believe I can take. Anyway, I am doing my best to save up. Working on a budget plan for this week, I will only bring lunch box to avoid spending money for food.

Anyway, some more updates about my life is that last week, my sister and my brother arrived Hong Kong but at the same time, Mac got to an accident cutting his fingernail off. I accompanied Mac to the hospital and fortunately, he did got a week's leave. We get to have more time for bonding. I will surely miss him again once he comes back to work tomorrow evening. It was indeed a stressful fun week, but I managed to get by.

By tomorrow, we plan to visit a museum which I will blog about soon. This will be another project we will be working on, visiting museums every weekend. I hope this will be a continuous project.

The Dance Coupon
Another project we will be working on soon is the LOSING FATS project, the first step we did is purchased this dance coupon consisting of 10 sessions. It's only valid for this month so I will soon fix my schedule to be able to complete this.

As you can see, I got so many plans and goals which I am currently working on. I had worked on with my short term goals before such as traveling to Taiwan and Puerto Galera or building my photography portfolio. Looking into my goals, I am already excited on what the future will bring. Having said that, I am not saying that I am not having any adventures these past few months as well. I had been able to do hiking around Hong Kong and really bonded with my family and friends. I am learning a lot too! With that, I am grateful!

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