Cindy's Sentiments: Checking your husband's messages


Do you read your partner's Facebook messages? Well, if you ask me, yes I do. I know it's not good and it's a sign of insecurity but that's just one of my flaws. I'm not a perfect person and I easily get jealous. My husband has been very considerate in this kind of issue. He lets me read his Facebook messages and I know his password... he never changed it! I think he trusts me more that I trust him. I as a women do have this hormones who whisper to my ears "Go ahead and check! You will never know unless you check!" I'm a little curious too and I do ask myself if there are some things my husband won't tell me. So to hush those whispers down, I just log in to his account and I must be the luckiest woman alive, because there's nothing really serious to see. My husband have been honest with me.

If you will ask me if I will keep on doing it? My answer will be yes, because for us, that's the key to our honest and loyal relationship. Only by that way that I will avoid nagging him and accusing him of something he really doesn't do.

Checking your partner's emails or text messages is not right, never will be. I don't recommend it at all, but it does work for us. Each time that I proved that I'm the only one, I love him even more. :)

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