Dear Diary: Present and Future Dreams


They said your present affects your future or you reap what you sow. 

That is why in this post,  I am going to list my plans for next year. 2015 seemed far away but I learned that the earlier you start, the most likely you will be able to achieve your goals. Making a list is very effective, if you spend your morning looking at your list, chances are you will do something that day that will help you closer to your goal. In this list, I am going to claim it, work on a plan to reach these goals.

Next year, I am going to have a wedding. Next year is our 8th year anniversary and although, Mac and I were married, we never have that beautiful wedding where our loves ones surround us. It is going to be expensive I believe but next year is the 8th year and the number 8 is considered lucky, for me it stands for infinity. More likely, I am going to do it in the Philippines as it is cheaper there and more likely my family can attend. As well as Mac's of course. We do have a house in Cebu so probably it will be done here and may costs around 100k pesos or maybe more. We will need to save for that...

We also have travel plans to India and Japan. I do have a good friend in India and offers me almost everything for free, I only need to pay for my flight ticket, but I would like to have Mac go with me to India as we will have to be in front of that famous Taj Mahal. :) That will make the expenses times fwo. Flight ticket costs HKD 5,000 per person, anyway visa is free for Philippine passport which is great. Japan trip will be with friends and I do love to have Mac come too. Visa will be waived soon for Philippine passport and that is great news. 

Graduate and get my diploma. That will happen if I study hard and I continue to finish my work on time and stop being late at school. Sounds tiring but that is the best way.

I will also need to build a wall in our house in Cebu. As of now it is just a house and a lot. We need to work hard to make it look like a home.

Get a new cheap flat in Hong Kong. Or apply for a government flat here. I am not even sure if that is possible. Anyway, I better try.

Learn Cantonese, as of now I can only rely to podcasts.

I will probably stop there for now. So far, these are my priorities so I will need to start working on it. Financially, I probably have to get a part time job in order to afford all these. I should speak with my husband as well to get him to help. Anyway, now that I have a list, next thing I will need is make a plan. It has to be a workable and effective plan! 

Oh how I love quiet Saturday mornings where I can meditate and be in touch with myself. It is very important to have a time with yourself especially with a cup of coffee. In a while, I will be going to the library. As of this moment, I am at peace with myself which I never felt for a period of time and I am glad I have this feeling back. 

Let me leave a photo of Tai O Village taken a few days ago. That will be all for now folks, have a nice weekend!

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