Wanderlust 2014


Good things come to those who wait...

Last Thursday, I was called to the meeting room by our manager. I was quite worried and start to think if I got any problems with any of my bookings. I sat down facing him and asked what's up, while internally I was preparing for the worst.

He started talking about me not being able to have any tour leading trips this year because most of the group travelers prefer a Chinese speaking leader. I knew that for a fact, but what can I do, Cantonese is just so difficult to learn... I mean c'mon they've got fucking 9 tones! I just don't have enough brain cells for that!

He said he will try to make it up by (drumroll...) making a big fam trip for me - to South Africa. I was just dreaming about that last year and June will be in 2 months. I can't help but be excited as this is going to be my first time in the African continent. I almost hugged our manager but I didn't. Rather, I put a smile on my face and said, "Thanks!"

Well folks, aside from South Africa my schedule will be full with the following travel plans too:

10 days Philippine trip on July
3/4 days Bali trip on August
10 days Romania Wine tour on September

Another trip is Penang, but dates have not been sorted out yet. One thing is for sure, WANDERLUST definitely solved.

Those trips are surely a lot of fun, tiring, stressful and will require a lot of money which I don't have much. I need to make ways to make each trip a success. My next post will probably updates about my progress in preparing myself physically, financially, mentally and emotionally.

What I love about traveling is learning about its history, culture and their food. It offers me a glimpse of how other people live, what's important for them. Having this kind of experience makes me feel young, careless and free because it feels that I am living a life different from my usual (Office - Home - School). Suddenly, places I have only read in books and watch in TV before, things that are only in my imagination can now be seen, smell and felt.

I simply feel ecstatic. :)

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