Under One Roof


We finally moved to my parent's home. We have spent three weeks packing, moving and unpacking stuff which left us really exhausted. This seemed to be the only way for now to solve our problems, yes embarassing to say - financially.

We are currently living in the open door spare space which is comfortable enough. I feel ashamed especially at my age because I don't want to depend and rely so much with my parents.

Our double deck bed

From the tv shows I have watched, living in your parent's home with your husband will create complicated family issues and that is the last thing I want to happen. I don't want to be all negative about this, surely there will be positive outcomes too. I have made a guideline on what are the things for me to remember to have a harmonious relationship at home:
  1. Learn to follow the rules. It is important to be clear with the rules which can range from "how the bathroom should be cleaned" to "don't be noisy when someone is sleeping". Some rules are spoken while others are ethics. 
  2. Learn to be considerate with other people. In everything that you do, do remember that other people will be affected with your actions. If you are going away, let them know so they will not worry.
  3. Schedule and allocate the household chores and help to pay the bills.
  4. Share what you have. If you buy dinner for yourself, consider buying for other members too. Do this and they will share what they have with you too.
  5. Be courteous, greet one another with a smile.
The above may seemed easy but can be forgotten especially if you're too comfortable already. 

Well, I am no sure of what our next plan is going to be, we will probably enjoy our time here for now and learn what needs to be learned. 

In dealing with my problems, it feels good to know that my parents still got my back, I am just so lucky to have them around. They are my guardian angels. They may shake their head when I am about to make mistakes or when I already made one, but they never leave me alone. :)

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