Resolutions and Promises of 2014


I can't believe that it has been a while since my last post. It has been more than a month...

I have been wanting to write for quite a long time now, but I simply don't have the time and yes, the motivation, the energy. It has been a roller coaster ride for a month and it can be really tiring for someone who is juggling career, studies and personal life. 

Christmas went well despite the fact that a dear friend of mine spent the week in the hospital. All of us (even the doctor) thought it was stroke but then after a couple of weeks, we finally learned that it's bell's palsy which is still good news comparatively. So I was hanging out a lot with my friends, with my dear husband being so supportive and reliable. This 'tragedy' made us all closer together, reminding us that in a foreign country like Hong Kong, we are a family. We even spent overnight in one of our friend's home, we had a lot of food trips and FUN! 

At the 30th of December, I took the flight to Cebu to celebrate New Year with the family. I was picked up by the Plantation Bay Car at the airport that midnight and transferred to the hotel. I didn't managed to get some sleep that night because of cold but the day that follows was indeed enjoyable. In the afternoon, we went to the hospital for my Dad's check up as he was suffering from diarrhea. The day ends well with us celebrating the new year's eve eating a lot, blowing our torotot and sleeping altogether in one room. It was a long day but that day promised that 2014 is going to be one of my best year. Here are some pictures taken during my short vacation in the Philippines. 

Plantation Bay Lagoon/ Swimming Pool
At Mactan Shrine
Trying out SU-TO-KIL which means SUgba - TOwa - KIlaw. So Yum!
Speaking of New Year's Resolution, here are mine:
1. Be healthier - jog twice a week at least and be mindful of what I eat.
2. Try something new at least once a month - a new restaurant, a new route, etc. 
3. Travel more - does not matter how far or how near. 
4. Be thrifty, pay bills on time and be debt free by this year. 
5. Be kinder to oneself. 

So far, I have been doing all except number 3 because although I am planning for more travels later this year, I would have to mind my fourth resolution. God knows how much I love traveling and so for now, I can only wait. And so, I pray to God to guide me for this year's journey. God have used the angels around me to be able to accomplish what I have to do. 

One of my angels who is always there for me no matter what
Before I end this post, let me share my weekend to you dear readers. Today was well spent camping out with picnic at the Inspiration Lake. It is a man-made lake located 5 mins. walking distance from Disneyland Park. The food prepared mostly by my dear friends is just delicious. The environment is also very nice and friendly. Witnessing people's happiness around me motivates me to be happy in whatever challenges that comes. 

Wonderful sunset at the lake
The Hong Kong Kikay Hikers :)

And so my advice is this: Whatever you're going through in this world, just remember one thing - NEVER GIVE UP. You are not alone in this world, have an inspiration, be motivated even though you can't see what tomorrow is going to offer. BE STRONG. It can only gets better... :)

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