Dear Diary... Promptness, Perspective and a little Prayer


Finally this week has become more bearable with the lesser workloads that come in, which gives me more time to relax, contemplate and of course, write this blog. I think I have also gained from last week's company meeting about replying to clients right away. And since then, I started replying emails  fast and with more content, I have noticed that clients really do appreciate the prompt response and I can easily clinched the booking. They're happy and I'm happy too.

Anyway, I have just finished the midterm exam last Monday and I'm not confident that I will get a high mark, maybe a passing mark will do. I better get a passing grade this time as embarrassingly my essay assignment got a really low score. Can I say our professor don't have any consideration at all, that he can't accept any my answers that he only gave me 1 out of 5 items? Who would be happy with that? I guess we only have to follow what he have discussed which is by the book (and by HIS EXPERIENCE) that he won't take a look at my perspective? In my own opinion, teachers should look into their students' point of view as well. By now, I am missing my literature professor who accepts other people's way of thinking. No need to wonder why a lot of people in this world are shallow minded. Anyway, I just can't wait for this module to be over and move on to the next class.

On a positive note, December's finally here. Oh, I can't believe 2013 is just about to end. This year has been truly amazing to me with several traveling around especially to the places I haven't been: New Zealand, Beijing, Danxia and Taipei. I also have 3 trips to the Philippines visiting Puerto Galera with my husband- another place I haven't been. This year also is the year of my sister's graduation and the year I have started my Advance Diploma course. I think I know why this year is such a lucky one, it is because this is the year of the snake, definitely my Chinese zodiac. I really feel lucky and blessed. I'm still facing challenges but as of now, I know I can overcome what's ahead. I thank the Lord God for all of these and I pray for guidance for the coming journey of 2014.

Advance Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year! Let me end this post with one of my favorite pictures I have taken in Taipei.

PS: No, I am not a Mister Donuts promoter but I do love their donuts. Very much!. :)

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