Dear Diary... Productivity and Some Lists


It sure been raining a lot since yesterday as we drew closer to Christmas. Despite the coldness, our home is full of warmth and love. Arguments don't last long, thank God. We are certainly blessed. Last night's dinner was beef steak cooked by my loving husband and I made a dessert called Graham Cake. Somehow, I felt productive this whole week (except the fact that I still have not done my assignment yet, have not started at all). So looking at what I did, they are as follows:

1. Finish a book called "The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides. Wonderful book with a sweet ending despite all the craziness in between. It's a lovely book and I just can't stop flipping to the next page. 

2. Watch a movie called "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" with Mac. He cried afterwards but I didn't dare look at him as he might feel embarrassed. It's a nice movie and perfect for us on a Saturday night. Oppositely, Mac and I are not ready yet to have a child. God knows how much we want a family but then we struggling financially and I am still studying. Our plans consist of me finishing my studies and then Mac will study too. Studying will take us 5 years. We also plan to migrate to another country and then travel a lot. There's just too many "buts". 

3. As I mentioned above, I have made a dessert! Yay!

4. I have downloaded a free app in android for my the podcast I am listening to. That made me really happy. I now have a new phone and transferring stuff from my old phone to the new one is a bit troublesome. 

5. I jogged with friends in a park last Wednesday. It sure was fun because you'll feel very much motivated. The whole exercise thing lasts for 2 hrs. plus we also did figureobics for all people in the park to see. It's actually a nice idea to exercise in a park because I think we can motivate other people as well. Who knows, our group might increase and we may organize an exercise group... yes that's a good idea! Let's see...

6. Mac and I had dinner with Mom last Thursday. We had hotpot which was again perfect for the weather. Just chatting with Mom made me so relax, plus she gave a me a new bag! Who doesn't love a new shinny and purple bag for an advance Christmas gift?

Alright, that's pretty much it. Other plans for today are as follows:

1. Start watching the series "Masters of Sex". I have watched the trailer and it looks interesting. 
2. Cook Sinigang - a famous Philippine dish, a sour soup which will be nice for this cold weather. 
3. Finish my assignment (as much as I don't want to).

While plans for the whole week are as follows:

1. Buy a gift for our office Christmas Party this Wednesday.
2. Schedule a jogging day once again.
3. Christmas shopping for my love ones!
4. Prepare for next week's Christmas party with friends.

My list can go on and on and on. I think the important thing is I know what I want to do now. Making a list makes me productive and I can easily crossed out what I have finished. I can easily see my productivity from there. My actions today will surely have an effect to what I'm going to be in the future.

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