Wanderlust and Resilience


Weekend once again just come and go and here I am, still feeling tired. i know this coming week is going to be very challenging like my other previous weeks. My BER months always are the busiest time of the year. I have been lucky to have a chance to still insert some traveling and hiking here and there. 

I just came back from a weekend in Mt. Danxia in Guangdong province (post can be found here: http://cindywongdelacruzofficial.blogspot.hk/) and twelve days from now, I will be saying hello to Taipei and next month, I will be spending my new year in Cebu. I felt excited and everytime I reached a place, I felt accomplished. Therefore, I conclude that my life, although not easy, is a bliss. I was thinking of where to travel next year and here I am, dreaming of Scotland once again. It was my project this year that never materialized. I felt sad but I know there's still next time. Next year promises another familiarization trip and another company trip. Those are the reason why I work my ass off in the office. 

On the other hand, there are some things that bothered me too. Like the conflict between Hong Kong and the Philippines with regards to the bus incident happened three years ago in Manila. Until now, Hong Kong still chase the apologies they want from the President of the Philippines. I do have a view on this... And that is Hong Kong must stop the bullying and their drastic measures which aims at the wrong people - Filipinos who live in Hong Kong and Filipino tourists who want to visit. The current mayor of Manila has already apologize and will compensate, I know it won't bring back precious lives but bad things happen and people got to move on. A sovereignty can't just seek another country's apologies although yes the happening was very regretful. I take no one's side on this, besides I am half Filipino and half Hong Kong - yahn and with all these happening, it feels like my Mom and Dad are fighting with blackmails and stuff!

Philippines has also encountered a devastating super typhoon and has left thousand people dead. I can only offer my prayers for now and I am already thinking of what help I can do. My cash in hand is just enough... I know any donations will do like clothes and food. Later, I will look for options to help. 

Filipinos are resilient, we remained strong despite the difficulties in our lives. We never bow to anyone... I am proud to be one. The strong identity I had since I was a child has always been here in me, even if I have lived in Hong Kong for quite some time. 

To end this post, let me live you all this panoramic picture taken at the Dragon's back trail this morning. It was drizzling that I even slipped. I stood up right away and removed the dust and mud from my clothes. Having slipped and injured myself, you might think that I will stop hiking, but that will not happen as what doesn't kills you makes you stronger and make you ask for more. Next Saturday is another scheduled hiking. :)

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