Dear Diary... Ups and Downs


I have been a bit of depressed the previous week, there's never a time that I watched the news that I have not cried because of what I am seeing about the typhoon Haiyan. With all the generosity shown by countries around the world, it just proven that humanity is not dead and that everyone have the chance to be better than they already are. I was given a chance to contribute from myself too even in my little way and I feel great, not that it matter but it really felt great. The depression seemed to ease even for a while. Although I know it will take a long time before everyone will truly moved on from what happened or to be able to built their lives again...

All I know is that it will not end here, it will be a continuous process of standing up and facing the world. We all face problems and challenges in life and from what I have learned from my own life and from the people around me, you just have to work hard and smile and just simply live. Just always give the best that you've got. Remember that if it doesn't have any solution, then it's not a problem, don't worry about it.

Changing the topic, I had a conversation with a friend and as far as I know or remember, we're really close and can confide to each other just anything under the sun. I told her about seeing my classmates in Accounting in Facebook and having added them, I realized some things. I told her that even if I originally want to be an accountant, it didn't happened because I need to move to Hong Kong and then I went to a completely different area. It must be destiny...

And she replied "Why do you keep on thinking of other people's achievements?" In my mind, I was like what the heck? This is not true at all, I'm really happy with what my former classmates' achievements, I mean I do have achievements on my own. It's just a realization. To top what she said, she even commented that I'm crazy. I just can't believe what I was hearing. I mean if you don't want to talk to me, you can easily say so. Anyway what I told her is this, "We used to talk about anything before and now I sounded crazy to you? I am happy with other people's achievements, I mean I have my own achievements too. And why can't we have a spontaneous conversation? Why do you have to criticize what I said or me? My goodness!" With that I left the conversation. She replied a clueless "Huh?"

I really don't have any idea why she changed. She have been living in the Philippines for several months now and she changed as that. This is not the first time that it happened and I am quite disturbed about what really is going on with her. And then I realized, lately for the past few months, it's always her problems we tackled about and when it comes to my problems, it seemed to her that those are not real problems at all and won't even offer any advises or comments. It has become a one sided friendship thing. I felt hurt, yes! Annoyed, definitely!

Anyway, I am glad and still feel lucky with my husband and with my other friends and of course my family. They showered me with love and truly understand me. And oh, I should mentioned, my colleagues too have been great and so I can't complain anymore. I had nice conversations with my husband during his off days last week, yeah we argue but that really does not last long. I had dinner with my parents last night and I have discovered a way to save time and money if I want to have a nice dinner. The newly opened restaurant near our home called "Prime Deli" have a dinner set which is enough for Mac and I for only HK$45. Not bad at all! Another good thing is when my colleagues have donated for the Haiyan victims, it just shows that they do care! I had nice conversations with them as well, during lunch breaks or during late night work. I am lucky indeed!

Let me end this post with a picture of me all smiling with my friends having lunch in Tsui Wah. It's an afternoon well spent!

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