Coffee Sentiments


When I last visited Manila, I have met up with my high school friends and they shared with me their  dedication for going to starbucks as much as possible and drink its coffee. They could have gone to other coffee shops but they insisted that starbucks coffee is so much better. They even include it to their monthly budget despite the very basic salary Philippines has to offer. Imagine earning PHP 10,000 per month and still having a budget for a coffee costing PHP 120+. I wouldn't have thought of it, of course. Even my other friend who was unemployed at that time, got to have a budget for this coffee. I don't criticise them, I am just trying to understand why. I love starbucks especially their green tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino but most of the time, I sticked with the 3 in 1 coffee, not only that it is indeed cheap, it is also very easy to make. 

I am addicted to coffee. I can't last a day without it. I will definitely have a headache if I missed it. 

I started drinking coffee when I entered college, that was 7 years ago. I tried to stop before because if diet purposes, thinking that it has contributed to my gaining of weight but then I just came back to drinking again. 

I really don't have preference when it comes to coffee, I just want it simple and nice and maybe, sweet enough. Nothing too milky and nothing too strong. I have met people too who's really strict with their coffee. Some of my colleagues really do have preference, that I admire. They are connoisseurs, to out a proper word on it. 

I don't have preference, but I do have a favorite coffee. I never forget when I first tasted Vietnamese coffee, the sweetness and strongness of it combined into a rich texture. The aroma it gives, enough to keep you awake throughout the day. I even brought my own filter and vietnamese coffee beans from my Vietnam trip, and tried making it at home with very little success. The Vietnamese filter I brough was quite cheap, maybe that was the reason I just can't perfect it until I just stopped one day and never have tasted Vietnamese coffee eversince.

Another dream of mine is to have my own coffee machine at home. A coffee machine in Hong Kong costs up to HKD 1,000+ and although I do have that enough money to purchase it, I just can't buy it. The reason why must have been as follows:

1. I don't have space at home. I live in a small flat in Hong Kong and all my cupboards are full of glasses, plate, food ingredients, books, etc. And there are even things I don't know where to put anymore. 
2. I don't have money to buy the beans, it's expensive as to my knowledge. And if I can buy once, will I be able to maintain a budget for it?
3. Maybe I'll stick to my 3in1? It is cheap and you won't have any guilt if in case you won't be able to finish it.
4. Too much effort for just a cup of coffee? Why? I have too much things to do already, can someone just make me one?

Enjoying my coffee on a weekday is impossible because I need to focus more on my work. That means I tend to enjoy it only on a weekend. One reason I love weekends, I can have all the time in the world to slowly sip it. 

I guess that should be all my sentiments about coffee. I better stop here and go home to my bed. In the name of a good composition, here is my conclusion. I thank the coffee inventors, I wonder what people will be doing without the energy coffee gives. I mean tea is fine too, there's nothing wrong with tea. It is just that I remember more good memories with coffee than tea. I have become more productive with coffee, I have even created this blog post with coffee. :)

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