24th (a poem)


(So 24 years... I have spent 24 years here in this world, Thank you God!)

I was five when I opened my Mom's cabinet, got the lipstick and put into my lips,
I remember breaking it when I immediately put the cover on when I heard the door,   
I remember anticipating going to the airport cause I knew Dad's coming home,
I remember great weekends and holidays, I remember wishing for some more.

I remember still playing barbies with my sister at the age of ten and then argue for a while,
I remember having a crush, falling in love and had my heart broken by a boy at thirteen, 
Then my baby brother arrive in our lives, the happiness I have felt at that time,
I remember wearing my toga and march the aisle for my high school graduation at sixteen.

At such a young age, I have experienced falling in love over again as well as falling out,
I have failed a lot of people and failed myself too, God knows how badly I want to gave up,
I got married at eighteen, had a long distance relationship, oh the difficulty of all it,
They hated me but then I reminded myself, that all I can offer, all I have is love.

And love, love alone kept me alive, and of course my dreams, goals and inspiration,
The desire of seeing the world made me persevere more and starving for all,
I know there's still a lot of things that's waiting for me, a lot of chance and opportunities,
I know I can reach it, with a prayer and once again more love, because I am only twenty four.

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  1. married at 18.. that was young.. :)

    happy birthday...


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