Travel Hangover Update



I just realized that I finally move on from my vacation hangover finished two weeks ago. That was a long moving on stage for me and when I woke up this Saturday morning, I just felt so relaxed that I am now back in Hong Kong and back to my old routine with work, study, reading the news and many more. This must be the longest moving on time for me from a trip. Usually for a five day trip, I can move on right after I come back to work but then the moving on period time I supposed must have been based from the total effects of the trip and the duration, the last trip totaled up to 11 days (long enough for Asian standards)! I mean there must be a formula in computing the moving on days and it must be consisting of variables such as the total days spent on a trip and the experiences you had. 

Travel Plans
By the way, my next trip will be to China which will last a weekend so surely a moving on time will not be applicable. We are going to Danxia days after my birthday so I don't need to plan anything for my birthday. Another trip is scheduled back to Cebu for spending new year and I am so excited of course. If budget allows, I might cover Taipei with a friend as well. I don't have anything planned for next year but I might come back to Philippines to see an island. I don't plan to travel that much next year cause I need to save up for some special project. :)

That will be all for now folks! Let me leave you a picture of the giant Buddha in Lantau Island and I do hope you have peaceful and relaxing weekend! :)

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