Holiday Hangover


I am once again experiencing hang over from my previous holiday. It has been five days since we came back from our ten days Philippine trip. Honestly speaking, this must be the longest holiday I ever had. A lot of interesting things happened. Let me first show here our summarized itinerary:

Day One: Arrival in Manila, Mac and his uncle went to the airport to pick me up. We then went to his uncle's house where we ate my first real home made Filipino food! After some story telling, we went to our rented condominium, Royal Palm Villa in Las Pinas. We rest for a while before we traveled to Cavite where we meet some of our gradeschool and highschool schoolmates. We treated them at Shakeys and went back home quite late.

Day Two: Spent the whole day in Mall of Asia. First I met Mama Prima (my yaya back then) and then met my close friends in highschool where we talked for 3 hrs. I treated them pizza and they treated me a starbucks frappe! In the end, Mac and I purchased a couple ring for ourselves before we retire back to the condo.

Day Three: This is the day where we woke up late and just went to Southmall to pamper myself. I had swedish body massage and footspa!

Day Four: We travel to Puerto Galera! Dinner at White Beach and the rest is pure relaxation.

Day Five: Tried parasailing! Followed by snorkeling and kayaking.

Day Six: Tour around the Tamaraw Falls!

Day Seven: Went back to Manila and stayed in Sofitel. Another of Mac's uncle treated us buffet dinner at Yakimix at Mall of Asia.

Day Eight: Rise early for a quick breakfast at the Spiral before flying to Roxas Airport. Upon arrival, Tita Grace picked us up, we had lunch before we rest at San Antonio Resort. After some resting, we stroll along the pure black sand beach and I really enjoyed the scenery.

Day Nine: Rise early again for our Olotayan trip! Overnight at Tita Grace's house.

Day Ten: We just relaxed our ass off. I got a mani and pedi and enjoyed more seafood! 

Day Eleven: For the first time, I met my mother in law but only for a short time before departing to Roxas airport for our connecting flight to Hong Kong. This is also the day when I threw up at Philippine Airline seats... :( my sincere apologies!

Some details of my trip are already posted in my other blog and I know, I need to write before I forget everything. But that trip, I really enjoyed so much! I would never forget how we just lay our heads in the swing and let the evening pass by. 

Coming back to work this week was rough and so I felt stressed out. Good thing here's the mid autumn festival where I don't need to go to work tomorrow. I really can use an extra day to gather myself and brief and be like: "hey Cindy, you're back to hell and so be the bitch that you truly were..."

I also must admit I have experienced separation anxiety from Mac but I am now over it. Thank God! He's been going to work for two evenings now and I'm getting used to being alone again. I almost cried last Tuesday but he ended up not going to work and instead, comforted me that night. 

Another feeling that I'm having is that I am starting to hate the city, every little thing about it. Suddenly, Hong Kong becomes more smaller. I had some thoughts of giving up my life here and then just start a family, maybe a simple life in the Philippines, live happily ever after, but I know I can't afford it. Definitely impossible!

But maybe, this feeling will be over soon...then I will be my old self again. 

I guess, I just have to wait before this holiday hang over to wear off. Oh well, I'll be fine... :)

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