Dreams, Goals...


I usually write new year's resolution every new year but I can't seemed to find the one I made for the year 2013. I wanted to check whether I fulfilled those resolutions. I remember my resolutions consist of the following (like every year):

a. To live a healthy life and to lose weight;
b. To save money;
c. To be a more understanding wife.

For the first one, I'm sure I have improved my ways in living a healthy life. Instead of 2 am, I have learned to adjust my sleeping time to 12:30 and my latest now is at 1 am. I also have started hiking for the first months this year, I started jogging as well. I only stopped when summer started and instead started figureobics by Jun Dayeon. I'm not very sure of losing weight, as whenever I go traveling, I tend to eat a lot. Anyway, the persistence is still there as you can see.

I'm not too successful on the second one, due to my trips I really can't save money, plus the fact that I need to pay my mortgage. Damn... I have managed to start my small business of selling jewelry but I can't keep it with my busy schedule. Plus, it doesn't earn that much...

I'm quite successful on the last one though. I have become not too emotional when it comes to Mac comparatively to our first years. I have become more mature in handling problems. Sometimes I nagged but I knew it's for the best as I can't just keep those feelings to myself, I need to spit it out to him so that he can help me as well.

Other improvement of mine that is not included in my list above is completing my first 2 subjects in my course: Tourism Marketing and Management. I still have a long way to go but that's a good start right? Balancing work and study and marriage life is not easy at all.

Anyway, this morning, I have been thinking about my long term goals, I mean I got to have one and should start working on it. I just can't travel to near places, I just can't not save money. I just can't rely on one source of income, I just can't have one house. I need to work more on my my dreams in order to achieve it. I am thinking traveling for a month using circle pacific flight tickets, of course with Mac. That will surely take me two years of saving money to cover Australia, Peru and the United States.

Another long term will be investing in some business, I suppose.

Let's see then... let's see.... :)

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