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I just can't believe weekend's finally over! I had a terrible headache for two days and it just ended this Sunday afternoon which gives me only several hours to finished chores, do my assignments and catch up with my reading.

I've also been listening to a new podcast I discovered through tumblr. It's called "The Night Vale" which has a lot of pretty weird stuff going around. And because it's a podcast, you can only rely on your imagination to what they look like. Good thing is, a lot of people have already done sketches of those imaginary characters and I'm just amazed. It helps me appreciates the narrator "Cecil" more and the community of the Night Vale. Here are some illustrations I found on tumblr:
From: http://kohikki.tumblr.com/
There's actually a lot of that but I will have to set up a different websites for all things "The Night Vale". I would suggest that you guys give it a try, I can say I'm simply addicted to the podcast. I wish it never ends!

What else?

This weekend has been lovely despite of the headaches. Mac has been amazing, some moments happened which is to be remembered for the rest of my life. After watching the very frightful horror movie, Mac waited until I fell asleep before he went to sleep. He held my hand and whenever I feel that he's falling asleep, I just have to press his hand and he will press back signaling that he's still awake. Before that, we spent a good time of thinking names for our child. We pretty much have thought a lot and we were just laughing our ass off. How can I not fall in love with him right? Saturday evening, after we ate our take outs from McDonalds, we just made love and fell asleep at each other's arms. After this weekend, I think I'm ready to face this stressful week once again! 

Lastly, I would like to announce to the whole world once again, how excited I am for my short trip to the Philippines! 17 more days my mates! I just hope all typhoons will be over and it will be all sunny days for Mac and I!

That will be all from me for now! Have a nice week to you all! :)

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