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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Coming Back To My Hometown: Cavite... soon.

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It was a rainy and typhoon-8 morning that greeted me when I woke up today. I was immersed with happiness knowing I don't need to work the whole day, possibly not at all. But of course, even if I just stayed at home, I know I have to open my emails and reply to them, haha!

I realized that in three weeks, I will be seeing my hometown Cavite once again, after five years? My hometown was in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite which is now a city. I spent ten years of my life in that place. My whole world revolves around this little town as I did not experienced traveling much. Back then, I was contented with my tiny world but I still did dreamed of traveling the world, to go out and live in Manila perhaps. I never thought I will be living in Hong Kong, it never really crossed my mind, but here I am now, five years went fast, I am now married and living in a place I never even thought to be in my dreams. I do love Hong Kong too, but my humble beginnings, the sincerity of myself of those years are unforgetable. My innocent childhood was spent in Cavite and even the word LOVE (not family love but to another human being not at all related to you) I first learned here. My first heart break, my first school award, so many memories are supressed. 

In three weeks, I will be seeing and feeling it once again. I am very sure so much have changed, both the place and the people and I don't know how I am going to react to all these. Will I be happy? Will I be disappointed? Will the feelings be the same? I can only imagine for now. I am afraid too, I must mention. Maybe the place or the people won't accept me anymore? I don't really know. 

What I know for now is that I have a strong desire to see "it" again. I think whatever the verdict is, I am willing to accept wholeheartedly. 


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