Another Weekend Come and Go


Why do we thank God for Fridays?

That's because we've started working our ass off from Monday. From Monday to Friday, we focus on our careers (whether it's rewarding or not), we chose to be the best, we try to impress others, we tried to be better than our original selves. Knowing that weekend is coming is such a great reward because after all, we're just humans who need to breathe, to rest or just simply live our lives.

I'm finally done with the midterm exam in my two subjects in my tourism course. It has not been easy but I GUESS, I did well. I didn't really study that hard, as you know I have other things I'm busy with. Anyway, I'm glad I can breathe a little and so I can focus to my work wholeheartedly. Work on the other hand will be hectic from now on after my partner resigned.  :(   People come and go and nothing's permanent in this world so although I feel saddened, I feel like I need to be ready in the coming challenges ahead.

With all the stresses I am experiencing, the hike yesterday really helped. We did the sunset hike at going to the Peak, I with my friends Ate Carla and Ate Doris. We started at 5 pm and finished at the Peak at 7 pm, afterwards, we ate sausages and catch up at the nice ambiance of the peak. There were a lot of tourists since it was a Saturday night. We as well, did not missed the chance of taking pictures of ourselves.

Our picture in the beginning of the hike

Also, let me share my other companies during the weekend as well. I browsed the cosmopolitan mag and read the funny but with sense book "Plato and a platypus walk into a bar". I never touched the Atlantic news as I can't take any more stress than what I already have.

Last but not the least, i would like to share my food trip a while ago. Next to our building is actually a street with a lot of food variety. The below resto lets you choose which vegies and meaties you want and you can basically mix and match how you want your noodles to be! We chose the medium spicy soup and men, it sweats me out! But it was delicious, I will surely come back next time! It really is a privilege to live next to a food street. :)

That will be all for now folks, let me replenish my energy for some more sleep as tomorrow is going to be a long day! I do hope you enjoyed your weekend too! 

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