Rainy Week Post


It is rainy season in Hong Kong and that means it is also the FLU season. Mac has been affected for a couple of days now that I feel very much worried. Today, he even have to take a sick leave and instead, he ended up playing with his computer games. I was convincing him to stop and i hope after I write this post, he have made his way to the bathroom for his evening bath. 

I had my fair share of rain with my week too. Last Wednesday, when I was already being late for class, I decided to stop by at Bonfire Cafe. I had brought hot chocolate last year while taking a class, and I knew the ambiance was great in that place. Anyway, I ordered a hot chocolate and a chicken roll only to found out that it will take ten minutes for it to be prepared. So I decided to take my time and spend a good twenty minutes there. As the rain was pouring outside, I found myself comfortable in the peaceful ambiance of the cafe with soft music playing and with a few people chatting quietly. It is hard to find a cafe like that in Hong Kong where it is usually very crowded and noisy. I'm glad that I decided to stay because I got a free salad with my chicken roll plus my hot chocolate has a teddy bear design on top! It was my cutest hot chocolate ever! After I ate all if it, I walk a few blocks to the HKU building where my class will be held and I have managed to focus to the whole lesson because I relaxed myself for a while. 

Moving on, there's a good news in this town I am living in. Finally the Subway sandwich shop here in Tsuen Wan finally opened its doors! Finally, another alternative when it comes to food for us! I will definitely try the combo which costs HKD 25 only! Having a busy schedule don't give us the time to always cook for ourselves. Sometimes when we're already stressed out and tired, we will just buy our food in the food street, like many other people here in Hong Kong.

I also would like to give some details about my adventure with Joyce in the book fair this morning. We decided to come on a Sunday morning to avoid crowds. There are already crowds in the morning, but it was at least bearable. So right away, we visited the English section and I started to look for books which are on my list. I don't have a physical list but I have done my research first hand! After rummaging a hundreds of books in the English section, I ended up buying two books. One was about economics and one about Philosophy. The fictional books that are in a discount price does not attract me and I can't find the book I was looking for. I felt sad cause I expected a lot in this fair, only to be disappointed. :(

The funny thing though, Joyce brought an almanac, only to find out it was for kids. I saw it beforehand and thought that she already knows! Anyway, kids' almanac are fun to read too! You'll never get bored with the colorful pictures, haha! Afterwards, we ate some ramen and talked about different topics and then, home we go!

Tomorrow is a start of another challenging week. For me, Monday is! And before I rest my tired body tonight, I am going to watch a movie called The Purge. Well, let us see how this goes! 

Have a nice week to you all!

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