Rainy Days, Food and More Randominity


Guess what, it has been raining cats and dogs this past week. I can both love and hate the rain. Love because my sleep has never been better that I have improved my sleeping relationship with my bed and hate because people in our house (that means both me and Mac) has been sick for a week as well.  It's so difficult to move or think when you're sick but we've got no choice. Mac has to take a day off and I have to miss my class, sadly. But it also means we've got to spend more time together so it's all fine too.

Another highlight of my week are the lunch breaks. I have been joining my dear colleagues in eating outside, cheaply. The picture down below, though, is a bit costly but it was good too! It is what you call "cha chaang teng" or Hong Kong style cafe. I think it is more costly if they have English menu 
especially if the restaurant location is in Central, the business district of Hong Kong. Cost can range from HKD 30 to HKD 60. It is cheaper during tea time so if you can hold your hunger until 3 pm, you can definitely save! 

During dinner, I try to cook as much as possible, like the picture down below. If you are in a hectic schedule, I would just fry something such as chicken nuggets and then boil some Filipino style soup: "nilaga".

I have also been thinking od recharging my planned travel blog. But because I was sick, my mind won't work so I just try to improve the layout to somehow motivate me to write. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will be able to do it. Plus, I need to do some reviewing too since midterm exam is in two weeks! (Insert horror song here).

Okay, another thing I would like to share is, I finally brought an electric fan, time to save electricity bill, that is why. And we don't feel the need of turning the aircondition on if all of us are coughing around and while it is raining outside. 

Last but not the least, let me end this post with a picture of my newly arranged books beside my bed. I think having an organized home makes an organized life "somehow" (does not work for everybody but this can be a good start). Too unfortunate that I can't find the time to read. I just can't focus this time.

That will be all for this week guys. I hope you have a fruitful week too! And if you have time to spare, please visit my travel blog (nothing aboug travel yet but it's on its way!) http://cindywongdelacruzofficial.blogspot.hk/  

I would really appreciate any comments or feedbacks. :)

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