My life in (3S) School, Summer and Shopping


I have been pretty much busy during the last weeks of June, and well until this very moment of July, but I'm craving to write and so here I am, forgetting sleep despite the lack of it. I promised that after this blog post, I must proceed to my slumber as tomorrow's another long day.

Since the start of my classes, I also have to find time to study plus, of course the assignments. After coming back to school, I realized that I still have my own ways. Oh well, old habits die hard. My spirit of competitiveness still reigns and despite the busy and tiring schedule at work, I somehow feel hyper to do stuffs. As usual, I sit in the front row. I have my new found friends as well, my classmates have been good and studious as well. I sat there along with most of the people who work full time, yet like me, they managed to insert studies even if we already have a busy life. I guess they are like me, who are also looking for something, whether it is better opportunities or more knowledge.

I am studying Tourism and Marketing Management. I have never studied Tourism before, but I have interests on the subject. I think, in the Philippines, people who took the course became flight attendants and others became travel agents. Tourism in my home country is not as developed, I believe compare to its neighboring countries. One of my goals, I would say, after finishing this course is to help in developing Philippine's tourism. Maybe after finishing this course, I can have the idea where to start.

Tourism here in Hong Kong is a big industry. If I'm not wrong, more than 40% of the GDP comes from the tourism sector. Being in the industry itself, I can really feel the passion of those around me about this subject. Maybe because, Hong Kong is quite small and a very hectic city, that those that can afford would prefer to get out every once in a while.

I realized that experiencing the career itself before studying really helps. I believe most people will study first, and then work. In my part, because I experienced working in the field first, I have developed a spark on the subject of tourism. I hope that I can carry this passion all the way through, hopefully for the rest of my life.

Anyway, that is one of the things I do with my life. Other things also include giving my best advises to my friend Jessie, who has some love problems. My own love life, is of course not perfect but my advises are based on my past experiences. I really hope, I helped in my own ways.

It's also the summer time in Hong Kong and yes, it's scorching hot especially during morning where it becomes so humid. Afternoon is somehow bearable with little wind blowing right here and there. Summer also means beach day. There was even one time, that typhoon came in an afternoon and instead of taking heed, a lot of people chose to enjoy the very wavy waves!

Other things I enjoyed these past few weeks are the dinner treats, especially the one in W Hotel. The food is not as exceptional, but the ambiance is the best, while chatting with colleagues. Our table was filled with laughter and good seafood!

Also, I have been enjoying buying some girly beauty stuff, it must be because I have been watching too much of Michelle Phan. But it really feels good rewarding yourself with stuff like these:

Both products are actually great as I made sure this time, they are made from Korea! And I love Korean  beauty products, I have so much faith in their products. Not only are the packaging cute and nice, what's inside of each container have good quality,  and it really works!

After the BB cream invasion, CC cream is now on its way to become popular as well. CC cream offers 8 products in 1 packaging which makes it worth it. The second product is from Tony Moly. I noticed that my hands became really dry once I washed it at work, and since I don't want to bring my whole body lotion at work, I realized I need a handy hand cream. This set of hand creams only cost me HK$99! Not bad, right? I just really happy afterwards! So, that's all about shopping...

Let me end this post, with this picture of me and Mac having a lunch date last Sunday at pizza hut.

What I love (and hate) about this guy is that we can talk about everything under the sun, we can joke around for a minute and then argue for the next second. He must be the laziest guy I've known but his corny humor that made him look very stupid is one of the few things that can make me laugh.

Alright folks, that will be all for now. I hope you all have a nice week! :)


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