Feel Good Things To Do When Feeling Shitty


This week has been a pain and I'm so glad weekend's finally here. Again, juggling both career and studies is no easy task. First and foremost, you really have to prearrange your schedule, yes, it's all about time management. After running here and there, I've been able to managed and I felt like I was Wonder Woman in my past life! Who knows, right?

Anyway, one of the best thing to do when you're stressed is, meet a friend and talk about your woes. Don't be selfish and learn to listen to their problems too. It's a give and take process. Anyway, I met with my friend, Joyce and we ate at this Japanese Restaurant in Elements Mall. The restaurant is called Dondonya (http://www.elementshk.com/eng/shop/DONDONYA/). It really is nice, oh how I love Japanese food! They always make me feel good! (Okay, that rhymes!)

Then we shop for some drinks and Joyce recommended me the above pictured drink. It was attractive cause it says 0 kcal, what kind of chubby insecure girl like me, wouldn't be attracted to it? So I spent my hard earned money and bought this drink. Before I was writing this blog, I got the chance to try it and boy, it doesn't have sugar at all!!! And anything that doesn't have sugar (that isn't water) taste weird to me! At least I tried right? Now, I'm not sure whether I can finish the whole thing.

Moving on, this morning after eating at Yoshinoya for breakfast, I saw these cheap earings!

And when I say cheap, it's really cheap (3 for HK$50). Remember girls, shopping can be a therapy for the depressed soul, no matter how cheap they are! You don't have to spend a lot!

Another thing that made me feel good today is receiving my life long learner card from the HK University. I just looove learning new things and I GUESS, no matter what age I am, I will always find a class that suits me and I'm going to enroll right then and there. 

Notice the bright red lipstick? Gee, I'm not even smiling in here. 

Lastly, nothing beats sipping your coffee slowly in a Saturday morning while your mind wanders around, feeling so relax. How can I ask for more? (applicable at that moment only). 

Anyway, I had a "somehow" shitty afternoon too but all problems had their own solution, otherwise it's not called a problem anymore. Most of the time, to make myself happy, what I do is crop the shittiness my life excretes and focus only on what's good and nice and colorful and (I can go on and on and on).

That will be all for now, folks! I hope you learn a little something on how to solve problems here. Weekend is made for people who need to rest and we all need it especially with all the crazy happening in the world slash toxic people in your life. So rest my friend, enjoy it while it last!

XoXo! Cindy

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