My June (Beijing, BB cream and more news!)


Although my Saturday was a bit nasty with the stomachache that I have experienced, I did have a blast week after coming back from Beijing last Monday. I went there for a company incentive trip and I was so excited because it was going to be my first time. The Great Wall of China has always been in my bucket list and we didn't just visit it, we also hiked it! We conquered the Jinshanling section of it! Here are some of my favorite pictures of the trip. Don't worry, I am going to write a separate article about this trip. It was fun and definitely memorable (although yeah, the air pollution was quite bad - no blue skies, just grayish). 

Anyway, this afternoon while coming home from work, I brought another set of face mask and together with that, I brought a BB cream. And when I get home, I searched about the said BB cream and I cannot find any official website that sells this brand. Only later that I realized that the real one is spelled "Caviar" while my BB cream spelled as "Caivar". I spent HK$40 and I got scared of what I just brought. It also misspelled the word whitening and instead they put it "whintening". What I did is tried it to the back of my hands (which I did in the shop earlier, now I want to have a closer look). What I noticed is, it blends well with my skin and it did produce a nice smell. It's actually not bad at all. I didn't get any allergy or anything (my skin is not that sensitive actually except when it comes to my alcohol allergy). So yeah, buy at your own risk!

In the same shop, I also saw these cute little plants which you can grow at your home. I have always wanted to grow my own vegetable garden at home, but the sun doesn't really reach our living room (just our bedroom), so I decided not to take it. This must be the new thing now but given a choice, I would prefer having a real garden in my backyard! 

Another good news from me is that I got accepted from Hong Kong University for studying the Advance Diploma in Tourism and Management. I'm so proud of myself, haha! But that also means, I will have to save money for back up. My parents will be paying for my tuition but I don't want to rely all the way. And besides, books are damn expensive. Another solution I did this morning is do my shopping in Amazon, it was a big help since it helped me cut my cost to 50% off men! How good is that? Classes will start next month so I'l, be all juggling studies, career and marriage (as if that's all). 

Wish me luck, folks! :)

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