Hiking, Pies and Detox Water


Today, like most of my Sundays this year, I spent my morning hiking. We're supposed to do the Bride's Pool trail but ended up with the wrong direction. What we did in the end is the Tai Mei Tuk walk, not so far from the Bride's Pool trail.

It was a sunny Sunday morning and at 9 am, it was scorching hot! Here are some pictures I took, and yes the views are so worth it! The water was crystal clear and the sky was at its bluest.

The trail lasted for 20 minutes only realizing that it is not indeed the Bride's Pool. We gave up because of the hot weather, deciding that we will do the Bride's Pool trail in a late afternoon. But how do we get here? From Tai Po Market mtr station, we took the mini bus ride to Tai Mei Tuk which is the last stop. We turned west instead of turning east but anyway there are all in the same location, you won't get lost at all!

After the walk, we ate for a while (bean curd and fish ball are must tries!) while staring at the calm waters. 

On my way home, I also brought 2 pies from my favorite pie shop "Pie and Tart". My all time favorite is the hot beef curry pie. :)

Another experiment I did today, is making my detox water. I admit it, I feel heavy a lot of times and detoxing is one of the best ways to get over it. My friend, ate Carla thought me how to do it.

1. Cucumber - cut into thin slices;
2. Lemon juice - from fresh lemons;
3. Cold water
4. Mint Leaves (optional)


It was indeed very refreshing, I even brought another thermos from the HK$35 shop, filled it for tomorrow's office hour. I'll try this for a week and let you know the results soon! Hope this works!

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