My Dragon Boat Festival


Last week was pretty much busy for me because of the dragon boat festival. It was an adventure I would never forget. On the night before the festival, we planned to camp in Tap Mun where we our team will compete. We left office at 8:15 pm and reach Sai Kung after having dinner at 11:00 pm. Okay firstly, I don't know how to swim, secondly I have a phobia of being in the darkness especially in the water. But in order to grow, I was meant to experience the unexpected. All 6 of us took a speed boat from the pier to the island in total darkness, with the rain and strong wind blowing entwining the speed boat we were in. It was crazy but it was fun...!!! In my mind, I was already looking for the escape in case something goes wrong. Alas, I can't find any life jacket (maybe because it's too dark) that I can only rely on my very basic swimming and floating skills.

Anyway, we arrived safely (Thank God! Hallelujah!) And although we planned to camp, we decided to just stay in a rented room. It was quite rustic, something I'm not used to but I survived. It's really not that bad, my sleeping bag made the night bearable. Even if we were sleeping in a thin futon, I can still feel the hard floor on my back.

The next day, it was rainy but the surrounding that greeted us that day was wonderful. And here's what we've got for breakfast!

Right after we had lunch, we did some warm up. Firstly, I thought we've got the chance of winning despite of being new to this sport. Alas, we were wrong men... how wrong we were! We have overestimated ourselves, we thought a few weeks' training is enough but our competitors must have done this thing many many times. And so in the end, we lost despite trying twice! We tried twice!!!

Another thing worth mentioning is the support I got from my family. My Mom, Dad, Mac and Mom's friends went all the way to see the competition. I can see they enjoyed themselves as well, I really appreciate they came. Mac was really tired because he came from work but he stayed with me all the way. 

Dragon Boat Racing is the first sport I have joined in Hong Kong and you know what it makes me feel? It makes me feel rooted somehow to my father country, like I do belong here... :)  You know sometimes, I really feel out of place because I can only speak very basic words in Cantonese, that I can't even make out a whole sentence. I felt depressed about it and this event helped me a lot. I met a lot of people and became friends with them as well. I was thinking of joining again but let's see, let's see... :)

That will be all for now, good night folks! 

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