Of Saturdays and all other holidays


Of all the days during the week, I love Saturday the most, like most of the working people in the world with normal Monday - Friday work. This is the time that I get to spend things about myself. Here I am today, sitting in the sofa being irresponsible, browsing facebook while drinking my milk while listening to a summer playlist posted in one of my favorite website: Hello Giggles (Here's the link for the playlist, enjoy! http://hellogiggles.com/playlist-of-the-week-summer-music)

It has been a rainy week for Hong Kong and summer is fast approaching. Summer in Hong Kong can be very humid and hot. Going to the beach is definitely a must. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but I am a member of a dragon boat team who will compete this coming 12th of June. So most of my Sundays is spent in the sea (except last week and last last week). But we always tell ourselves that this is just for FUN, doesn't really matter if we win or loose. Here are some pictures during our training:

It was a tough 2 hours training but I managed it (having to rest every 20 paddle). And of course I have to wear a life vest because I cannot really swim in beaches. I can swim in a pool as long as I can still touch the ground but I wouldn't know what to do if I can't.

One thing I noticed about myself is that I can't write other people's story anymore. I notice that I write more about myself. Is this what I mentioned to myself before that I have to live a life worth writing? Maybe it is... :)

Now continuing this post...

This coming weekend, by the end of May I will be going to Beijing. I am going to meet the rest of my colleagues from our Singapore office. It will be my first time in Beijing and YES, I will be seeing the Great Wall! And my husband being so supportive have brought me 2 bags and a pair of shoes. I must be the luckiest woman in the world. :)

One more thing I love during the weekend is that I can spend my time reading! My books are piling up and I'm trying to catch up. I must be one of those persons who have more books to read in a life time. I also can watch one of my best friends (the TV). Oh how I love the weekends! Which is why I'm going to stop this short post now and continue to do my thing!

Have a nice weekend to you all!

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