My Finds This Weekend! (Books, Korean Masks and Bread)


Dear Everyone,

My Saturday won't be complete without going out on the streets of Hong Kong. Yes, I'm don't really like sitting my ass off the whole day, I seriously need some outside air (doesn't have to be fresh) and some sunlight as well. Sometimes I like the ambiance of the crowd and of course, the feeling of seeing something new.

After accompanying Mac to do the laundry, he came with me to the library to return a book by Stephen King entitled "Full dark, no stars" which composed of four mean and nasty stories. I'll try to do a review about it next time. Anyway this post will be about what I found this afternoon. 

Here are some of the books that I have borrowed in the library:

I'm ashamed to say that I'm not really familiar with Dorothy Parker but I came across with this book which has very nice cover (So much for "thou shall not judge the book by its cover" saying). So who is Dorothy Parker? Wikipedia said: Dorothy Parker (August 22, 1893 – June 7, 1967) was an American poet, short story writer, critic and satirist, best known for her wit, wisecracks, and eye for 20th century urban foibles. From a conflicted and unhappy childhood, Parker rose to acclaim, both for her literary output in such venues as The New Yorker and as a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table. Following the breakup of the circle, Parker traveled to Hollywood to pursue screenwriting. Her successes there, including two Academy Award nominations, were curtailed as her involvement in left-wing politics led to a place on theHollywood blacklistDismissive of her own talents, she deplored her reputation as a "wisecracker". Nevertheless, her literary output and reputation for her sharp wit have endured.

Interesting huh?

Aside from that, I also got this book:

I guess, enough said?

I love going to the library, as I can read books for free! Good thing that Hong Kong has a library at almost every district.

After a visit to the library, we went to the mall and saw a little shop selling these Korean masks! I have a thing for them as a lot of other girls or women in Hong Kong. A piece costs HK$8 but if you buy 10 pieces, you'll get it for HK$60. Not bad, actually but I'm sure it will be much cheaper if you buy in South Korea itself. I've read a lot of good reviews as well.

Lastly, I also would like to share a bakery shop that will be soon open here in Tsuen Wan. Yes, I have thing for bakeries as well. I know bread makes you fat but I love the many options they offer and they taste so good. I love eating bread for breakfast or in the afternoon after my siesta in the weekends. It makes me happy.

Bread Talk is a boutique bakery that is originally from Singapore. Being a boutique bakery means it will produce nicely designed and fresh bread! You can only imagine my excitement! It is also located near my home which I can pass by on my way to work, so yeah! Wohooo!

That will be all for now, people! Have a good day! :)

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