In Love and In War (A Post About Marriage)


When we're still students
I don't get to post a lot about my personal love life. I'm not sure if I already mentioned in this blog, but I'm actually married. Mac and I got married at a very young age of 18. Not that I am encouraging you to follow my example, remember that in love, age is just a number. The important thing is that the whole of both of you  is prepared and ready to take up responsibilities. And no, we didn't rely at our parents at all for anything. If you're thinking about marriage, you must learn how to feed yourself and yes you MUST work.

Now, this post is an appreciation for the love that Mac, my husband is giving me.

We live a simple life, we have enough. Our first house was a small 1 bedroom flat, where we only have 1 single bed, we don't have windows at all and we cook in the floor. I remember that only 1 person can fit in the bathroom, yet we sometimes take a bath together. And when we have an argument, someone's got to face the cold wall. Our arguments don't last for 2 days, it is sometimes 1 1/2 days the most. We have our long fights but that's another story. Anyway this post will be an proof that we got over it and have worked it out.

Our second home was much bigger. It has big windows in the living room and in the separate bedroom. Bathroom is much bigger and men, we brought a new flat screen tv, a lot of furniture including our sofa, a new bed, a new ref, anything that we need in that new house.

And here we are now in our 3rd house and we're still together. We've been together for almost 6 years now and how I love this feeling of overcoming difficult circumstances. With him. Our usual routine of him buying breakfast for me and I, buying dinner for him or he will cook for me or I will cook for him. He works in the evening and I work during the day. We see each other for a short period of time but we made sure that those few minutes we have won't go to waste.

He will buy me books or magazines and I will clean the house. Sometimes during his day offs, we will sit in our 2-seater sofa and watch youtube videos or watch tv. Some weekends, we will go to the mall and watch movies and eat in a restaurant. Sometimes we will play with our phones, sometimes we will talk about meaningful topics, politics, life, religion, anything under the sun.

That feeling of togetherness, the bond that we have, I feel that with those 6 yrs. we have already developed a strong connection. Stronger connection, in fact. And there are no words to explain it, I've got a very weak vocabulary, I should say.

We have traveled to a few places and we will travel again soon. Mac will always buy whatever I want as long as he can afford it, he's selfless love made me feel beautiful despite of my fat self. A lot of nights, we will lay in the bed, cuddle and just cuddle. We are not that perfect as well. We also throw thash talk with each other, he will tease me and I will punch him in the arm. He will ignore me when I demand him to throw the trash or wash the dishes. I will ignore him when he ask me to find his charger. We will sometimes shout that our neighbors will ignore as if we don't exist. We will also raise dirty fingers at each other. And men, we curse a lot.

Yet I still think that what we have is wonderful. If I would have to write our love story, there will be no ending at all, it will be a continuous novel with a lot of series or volumes. It will be endless. It will be eternal.

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