How To Fight Anxiety


I'm not always happy I seemed to be. I do feel other emotions too and today is not an exception. I've been feeling anxious with a lot of things that I worry it will all burst out if I won't let it all out. I have been waiting for a letter of acceptance from one of the top universities here in Hong Kong. I have enrolled as a part time student despite of my very busy work schedule. And classes will start next month and we're just counting days in May. I am currently applying for "Advance Diploma in Tourism" after choosing between this course and law (my other interest). My anxiety has increased more when I learned that the law subject has now less than 10 spaces. :( I wouldn't know what to do! I don't want to take any other courses and traveling is my first love and it will always be and I will surely be devastated if I didn't get in.

And then I remember Gatsby at the "almost-end" part of the movie when he was talking to Mr. Caraway and grasping for the light at the other side of the shore. It's like having your dream in your hands yet it's still so far...

And so the anxiety continues... anxiety, by the way is a feeling of uneasiness about future uncertainties. It is indeed a difficult feeling but surely not difficult to get rid off.  And so I have made a list of things I did to feel more comfortable:

  1. Talk to a family member or to a friend who can understand what I am going through. Those people I have talked to have given me words of encouragement, I even got a hug and a kiss. They reminded me that everything's going to be alright.
  2. Eat some good food and as much as possible, avoid skipping meals. I kinda ate a lot today. This afternoon, my colleagues and I ate at the Jar Restaurant just a stone throw away from our office. While for this evening, I brought Yoshinoya. It somehow help cause the food was really good, it made you forget your problems! 
  3. Listen to some pick-me-up music. I have been visiting a lot lately. And they have several play list that you may want to listen to. I am currently listening to "Spring Cleaning Playlist" which was compiled by Corine Caputo. I haven't listened to this kind of music before but I can say, I am enjoying it. Aside from the playlists that they have, you may also read other interesting articles. Unfortunately, their section of "Nail of the day" doesn't thrill me but maybe other ladies do, you know. 
  4. Have a nice hot shower. 
  5. Read a nice book. 
  6. Turn on the aircon and listen to a podcast of your interest. I have this cool podcast application on my phone which helps me download the podcast of my interest right away. The app name is "Pocket casts" which I have purchased for HK$30 something. With this great application, I can listen to "The Moth", "Freakonomics" and "New Yorker - Fiction". These 3 podcast, I recommend the most. 
  7. Sleep and rest your tired body (If all else fails) which I am about to do right now. 
Hope the above helps to you guys and gals who are feeling anxious with some situation you're in right now. The most important thing of all is to pray and hope for the better. Remember that whatever happens, it's not the end of the world (that's what I have been telling myself a lot). 

If ever I won't be able to get in to this university, I don't have any plan b but I believe that I am blessed enough and I will surely move on. 

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