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I know it's been two months since I last updated this blog, aside from work I have been busy with loosing weight. Yes I'm deadly serious with loosing weight and for toning my body. For two months, there has been little changes, yes. It's been difficult but I knew I had to change my lifestyle. Few changes I have done are as follows:

1. Lessen my rice intake.As a Filipino, I grew up eating almost every meal with rice from breakfast, lunch to dinner, there's always rice. When I move to Hong Kong and got married, I got influenced by my husband to eat more rice and then, next thing I knew I am fat! So I changed that. In the morning, I eat bread for breakfast or sometimes I ate half cup of rice. For lunch, I eat salad or have soup. For dinner, I sometimes have soup and some dumplings. I still eat rice but I make sure I don't get full because of it.

2. I do hiking every Sunday. Except today since I want to have some "Mac and Cindy" time. Having an active lifestyle is important, not only for loosing weight but also for increasing your stamina. There's a marathon next year, that if I trained well and hard enough, I will be able to join that. Correct? You may hike with your friends or family whichever works. Just remember that if you go hiking alone, don't forget to let a family member know where you are. Also, whenever you go hiking, don't forget to bring the important things such as flash light, food, water, etc. (The list is long but better safe than sorry!) Anyway, I go hiking with my friends, it's so good because you've got time to catch up and enjoy nature too. Here are some of the amazing pictures we took during the hiking:

3. Do some little exercise at home. Sometimes it's difficult to go out of the house and run. I mean I'm that lazy. So what I do: download an exercise application in my ipad and follow the little exercises in there.

4. Do household chores.

At least by doing those stuffs, you don't end up being a couch potato, watching tv and getting very fat with all the chips and carbs you've been eating.

Anyway enough with the diet tips. Travel wise, I will be travelling to Cebu this Tuesday. March means graduation season in the Philippines. Both my sister and brother are graduating and I wouldn't miss it for the world. I brought the cheapest ticket and I can't wait until Tuesday. A big BUT!!! Going on a holiday also means I have to finish a lot of work. And I've got a longgg list, men. I just hope I can finish it all in time, anyway I still got tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Another good news is, I will be going to New Zealand on April! This will be my first time on another continent, aside from Asia and I'm excited. I will be flying there for 10 hours and our schedule is all packed up. I would have to need a lot of fighting spirit here.

Also, I would like to share the flower show that has been held yesterday here in Hong Kong. The show will go for a week and I recommend that Hong Kong-ers visit the place. It's a bit crowded with photographers with big cameras and stuffs but those flowers are really beautiful.

I just feel relaxed seeing the works of nature. It makes me feel good all the time. Well I guess I'm cutting this post short now because I need to come back to the tv series I'm marathoning at the moment: BUNHEADS! I super love the series, the characters are funny, with little drama here and there about family, school and ballet! This is exactly my cup of tea this Sunday afternoon! Have a nice weekend to you all!

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  1. Thanks for amazing tips and nice photo shots. I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing your travelling experience.



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