Change of Path


I realized that this blog is no longer about the stories of the characters I have created but it has been more about MY story. I have been busy living my life that I just can't imagine the next chapters for my characters. Writing stories has been a therapy for me. I have lost myself before and because of writing, I have been able to find myself once again, I am happy, very happy that I no longer need to live another person's life. i am thinking maybe I can change the path of this blog and make it more about my story because I just can't commit. I know I will write again about my characters but I am not sure when. I hope my dear readers, if ever there are, won't be disappointed with this change of path. I hope you will all understand.

I am now in Our home in Cebu and will soon take a flight to Hong Kong with my Father. I will soon update the happenings here.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

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