What's Up December?


Hi All!

If you're a Filipino, surely you have finished decorating your home with Christmas items! On the other hand, I decided not to put a lot decorations this year. Why? Cause I'm going to spend my Christmas in the Philippines! Yes, for the first time in five years, I'm finally celebrating Christmas the Pinoy way! I actually am living in Hong Kong and because of my new job, I am now allowed to take leave every Christmas. Oh I love this!

As Christmas time fast approaches, I know I have to accumulate a lot of gifts to bring with me, you don't want to caught empty handed when kids or your Aunties or friends of friends asked gifts from you. 

What's new this December by the way?

After having writer's block, I'm still proud to say that I have remained the same status for months now. I would really love to write again, but as of now, the best that I can do is write this post. What I did is look at my file folders with stories I have written before and which I have not posted in this website of mine. And fortunately, there we go, I found one story and it's very applicable for winter. I have written it in a winter time, by the way and entitled it "A Winter Love Story", oh how ironic? Here's the link: A Winter Love Story

Also, I found another calling which is being a jeweler. So if I'm not being a tour consultant, I am busy selling Christmas gifts to my friends and families. The jewellery is beautifully hand made and being sell at a reasonable price. I'm not only open this Christmas, if all goes well, I will be forever doing this. Here's my website if you're looking for valentines gifts, birthday gifts, graduation gifts, wedding, any party etc.: http://www.fifthavenuecollection.com/cwong

On my free time (yes I still have free time), I am putting my time in my online class. It's free guys so if you have spare time and you want to learn, you may visit: www.coursera.org. I'm currently studying "Think again: How to reason and argue", the class is still ongoing and you can still catch up. I'm having fun so far!

While yesterday, I am headbanging my head off to Clockenflop, a music festival in Hong Kong. Beer overflowed and music are all addictive! I believe thousands of people attended and everything is just amazing! Here are some pics of the party! Looking forward for next year's festival, surely it will be bigger.

Alright, I'll leave it here for now, hope you enjoy your December. In advance, I'm wishing you all a merry merry Christmas and a phosphorous new year!

A big thanks to all the readers of this blog! Have a happy day ahead! 

Best Regards,
Cindy Wong 

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