Vacation in the Philippines 2012 featuring Cebu and Puerto Princesa, Palawan


My words won't do justice to describe the happiness I have felt upon my visit in the Philippines for Christmas. It was a total blast that I wished I have stayed longer, or if only I could stay there forever. Contradicting from what I have expected, the airport although a bit crowded, our flight did not get delayed at all. Everything ran smoothly until we reached Mactan Airport.

First things first though, we ate in a Tapsilog Express and they serve all kinds of silogs there. It was a chilly morning but then the sun caught up with us. Here are some pics on our first day, 24th of December 2012.

Day 1

This is our newly built house not far from the cemetery which we joked about that maybe one day while we were jogging, we will never know if the people who's passing next to us is a soul or a living human being. LOL!
This is my little brother under our Christmas Tree standing proudly in our humble living room.

After visiting the church, we went straight to SM where my cousin, Jillian and I had a foot spa and my sister, Jean had a body scrub while my husband Mac and little brother, Earon went to have a haircut then visits Toy Kingdom afterwards.

For our Noche Buena, we had spaghetti and wine! We also had humba, salad and graham cake! 

I had a lot of realization during my trip which I am going to write very soon. Christmas is very much celebrated in the Philippines, it's the most awaited time of the year, we start the celebration from the month of June, would you believe that? Philippines is the only Catholic country in the Asian continent, I supposed while others are Buddhist, Muslims, etc. We Filipinos value family among all other aspects of life, and it's the main reason why people searched for jobs outside the country, they want to earn more because they want the best for their family.

Day 2

We went to Papakit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon on the second day. All six of us, me, Mac, Jean, Earon, Jillian and Dharel (Jean's boyfriend). It was my first time doing the zip line, we also tried horse back riding. Earon was a bit scared and nervous at first, but he get over it. They tried fishing but failed. In the end, we just had dinner in the expensive with slow waitresses restaurant. Our Calamares took ages and when it arrived, it just came with several pieces.

Day 3

For this day, Mac and I took the flight to Palawan, despite of the typhoon signal. I have booked it a long time ago and we just took the risk of spending the time here. Our underground river permit got rejected so we just expected to have some island hopping with explorations around the city. Unfortunately only 900 people are allowed to tour the river a day.

My impression with Puerto Princesa is like this: it's a city surrounded with beaches and lush green scenery. It is a bit expensive and very touristy, it has their own disciplined laws in regards of cleanliness and protecting their environment. Maybe because of the gloomy weather that we don't feel that extremely happy compare to while we were in Cebu, we were just one level below satisfaction.

The things that we enjoyed the most is staying in  Purple Fountain Bed and Breakfast, just 5 mins. driver from the airport.
I find it joyful visiting Baker's Hill because of the delicacies that I can smell upon entering, it's a place full of funny statues which is good for family. We just spent 15 mins. here, I would rate it 3 out of 5. It's joyful but didn't really amazed me. 

Errr... I'm not really a fan of crocodiles...

Now if we're talking about food, I strongly recommend eating at Inato! Food is good and  worthy with its price. It's just a couple of blocks away from our B&B. Lovely ambiance it is!

Day 4

Unfortunately, our island hopping got cancelled as well. Fuck the weather! The waves are huge and it's not sailable at all! Instead, we went to the nearby beach, the Pristine Beach. Too bad it's the low tide season and so we spent the day walking around, having sunbathing and taking pictures. 

Day 5
I am giving you a glimpse of our B&B, Purple Fountain who have gave us very good and very personal services! 

Mac and I decided to cut our trip short in Palawan, we just spent our remaining days in Cebu with the family. Upon my arrival in Mactan airport, after having lunch at home, Jean and I went to SM to watch the movie El Presidente. Good thing, the mall closes at 10 pm. We also had Mang Inasal but sadly chicken had ran out, we had wonderful sisig instead! :) Yummy!

Day 6

This day, we decided to go swimming to Cordova Village! Our Uncle Victor drove us there and so we played in the water like there's no tomorrow. 

Entrance fee costs Php 100 each person while we spent Php 200 for the cottage. They serve barbecues, pizzas and many more. In the evening, while we were having a good swim, there was a band singing very nice 80s and 90s songs. 

Day 7

For our last day, Mac, Jean, Earon and I went to Ayala for the last minute shopping. We also ate at Pizza Hut and play at time zone. 

I was even surprised to learn that this will be Earon's first time in Pizza Hut. 

There I am, grew very fat for such a short time. 

Before we proceed to the airport, we had a sumptuous dinner of liempos cooked in our very own home. 

Here's Tita Paz and Ate Bibing doing the grill!

Yum, isn't?

Will surely miss this! I'm hoping that next Christmas we will be able to visit Cebu once again plus, an outing to Bohol will surely be nice! 

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  1. Cebu and Palawan are such a great place to have a vacation. No wonder many tourist come and go to those place. Anyway, glad that you shared your experience. Thanks for sharing.

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