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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Siem Reap (one of my favorite countries!)

We just came back from a 5 days trip in Cambodia and Ho Chi Minh City. In this post, let me talk about Siem Reap. 
Would you believe that I just become interested in Cambodia when I started working as a tour consultant, which is like what 6 months ago? It was such as shame, I wish I have known it earlier. At first, I thought I would just see the temples and relax, but while we were there, I found out about the Khmer Rouge and PolPot when I was browsing the bookstore. I never thought Cambodia has a rich history and painful past.
On our first day, we tried quad adventure for 2 hours while it was pouring cats and dogs. It was all muddy but so fun! Especially when we were passing the dark fields with the black clouds as our ambience. Thankfully, I didn’t pass the training (they think I was so reckless in driving), otherwise I wouldn’t be able to have Mac by my side at those scary sites.

That night, Le Meridien Hotel surprised us with a cake! We love the cheese cake! Le Meridien now, is also my favorite hotel with its tranquility and peacefulness, I can’t ask for more. We also tried the three hour spa (temple aftermath) on our second day, it’s just the best!

Touring the mysterious temples with our very knowledgeable guide is the highlight of the trip. Mac became interested as well and we both became aware with those temples’ history. It was scorchingly hot but its warmth was embraced by our skin. 

 Overall, it’s a trip to remember. Mac and I got closer and we have shared this special bond in this special place. Some temples are still under re construction, but hopefully when we come back with our kids in the future, we can still see a peaceful and beautiful Cambodia.

P.S. If you need help with booking tours, transfers or just about anything, let me know. I will be very glad to help! :)


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