Hanoi Trip


Just came back from a 3 night stay in Hanoi, Vietnam for our company trip and despite of the scorching sun, I really enjoyed my stay. And because it's for the company trip, we didn't go there just to relax. We, indeed have a purpose! We had community service in Thuy An Rehabilitation Centre and share stories around the bonfire. In those three nights, we stayed in 3 different hotels so we keep on unpacking and packing, and perspire a lot because of the competition that's going on.

And of course the dinner party where everybody should wear either a green colored with recycled material as accessory or all out recycled material. I, being so lazy, just wore the green blouse and a head band made from recycled magazine. The rest of the night was crazy with all the drinking, luckily I wasn't feeling well that I had to sleep early, and when I say early, it means 12 a.m. 

We also had this talent portion for the newbies and yes, that includes me. Guess what? We won!!! Six of us from Hong Kong office did the drama musical which we practiced for a month. They were all crazy laughing! I would say all those practicing at night is worth the price which is a two night stay in Bali! 

Anyway here are the pictures I've taken!

Before and after views of the swing we painted for the children of Thuy An centre. Although, it may seemed like a little thing compared to what they really need which is a serious control in hygiene. I don't even want to think about it. I really feel worried of those kids and that I hope they will all have a better life. 

 My effortless costume, haha! Just kidding! Of course la, it took me a long time too for this outfit! I have to shop and sew my headband, shopping must have took me 15 minutes, while sewing took me 30 minutes.

 Why I always chose truth from dare! Awww, awful!

So ready for the cycling tour!

At the airport on day 1

While roaming around at 11 pm, we saw this group of people singing.

Distance makes the heart go fonder, as they say. And indeed I miss Mac so much, I really appreciated it when he took a leave from work just to pick me up from the airport. I just feel lucky.

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