Long Distance Love Affair


I can compare my writing to a long distance love affair, a relationship between two entities called pen and paper. Our love was once exciting and thrilling, there's always something to talk about, there's always new stuffs to try, spices to taste but time passed by, it becomes a love affair. A love affair is only an option because there's this something you prioritize the most. Sometimes, you choose the love affair because you're tired of the old feeling. It's like valuable to you but you're stuck with commitments you don't love at all, you choose watching tv or doing nothing because it's more comfortable. Then the relationship becomes long distance cause you intimate each other once a week becomes once a month and so on until it simply fades away. I have realized that nothing right will happen if i don't learn how to fight on what i really want to do with my life. I have to change my ways, leave laziness and procrastination behind then i guess my pen and paper will be happy. Forever.

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