Love Poems in November


I can't believe I keep on procrastinating when it comes to updating this blog. I don't know maybe I should blame the hectic schedule at work? Or my very lazy brain? Or maybe this cold weather? Okay okay, it's all my fault! :P haha! I'm sure you have experienced writer's block and I reckoned that's what happened to me, plus of course my laziness was one of the reasons too.

I haven't got the chance to write the updates in some stories, but anyway let me share some love poems I've written from time to time, although I know Valentines is still three months away, I believe that love is for all seasons.

I hope you enjoy those poems guys <3

One more news to go though. I would like to announce that my online shop on tumblr is already officially open serving people who love books, hand made stuffs and other cute things. This is my second online business, my last business was selling fashionable clothes online that lasted for two months. I knew I still have a lot to know about business but I'm proud to say that I'm learning. So everyone, please feel free to visit Little House Online Shop. It will be an honor to serve you!

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