Best Friends and Boyfriends Series UPDATE!


Watch out for the last chapter of Man Eaters from the Best Friends and Boyfriends Series which will be posted within in this week!

And prepare for a new chapter of this series, entitled Women Power.

Catherine Chan is going back to the Philippines after a couple of months stay in Hong Kong, she missed her girl best friends so much, and of course she misses Wayne too. But weeks ago, he just confessed his love for her online, currently skeptical with platonic relationship, she's wondering what will happen when they're face to face, yes he's attractive, pretty like the man of his dreams, but what about a 10 year old platonic relationship? Will she give in and say yes to Wayne? 

Kaynee Arena feels like her heart's being played by her track and field team mate, Troy. Who would want her anyway? She's pretty much a freak, a nerd, boyish looks, kikay only in the inside. And Arianne, the woman who like Troy started pestering her with threats and stuffs. 

While Alyssa Rondo, finally dates his annoying fiance her Father have set for her. This fiance, well, is actually  handsome and rich of course, the only problem is that he has attitude. Still thinking whether to take her next step of running away with his current boyfriend Paul, she later on feel a little doubt. Should she be falling in love with her fiance, Martin too?

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