Summer Heat (A Stories in a Blog Update) by Cindy Wong


There are a lot of happenings in my life right now, and if you notice, I barely post something about me anymore, although I still make it a goal to as mush as possible, post updates to stories I've started.

I've been going to a course program in Hong Kong Space University where I'm taking Literature studies, busying myself every Saturday for three hours, listening all about Witches and Wizards in Literature, it's really fun and relaxing at the same time learning about it. Very entertaining but unfortunately tomorrow's our last class about this subject. Next subject I'll be taking will be about Reading poems and analyzing it which will start in October. *My birthday month :))* I really want to have this certificate, not only as an accomplishment for me but I also wanted to learn more, hoping I can use it in my writing. I'm still in this stage where I'm figuring it out whether to concentrate either in English or Filipino writing, although for now, I would want to do both.

Second thing will be about sponsoring the Short Story Writing contest of Light Crystal Publishing, I have contributed an amount I can afford, and I'm really excited to get my free book which they said, they will ship for me. I forgot to tell them though that I live in Hong Kong. Oh well, I hope they've seen my current city in my facebook account. >_< Here's the link for the updates of this contest. And if you can see their official poster for this contest, try to find our logo. :)

Thirdly, guess who's gonna be on a vacation from 28th August to 3rd of September to Capiz/ Boracay/ Iloilo? That's going to be me with my very loving husband. Can't wait to have a break from this very busy world of mine. I'm really longing for the beach, fresh air, rest, more sleep, more food. Finally.

Lastly will be my wattpad account guys, you can download this application to your iphones/ipad by the way. You can read stories there wherever you are or whatever you do, just click this link though.

PS: There's a new series I've written here, it is actually a novel I've written four years ago, can you believe it, huh? It's the Best Friends and Boyfriends Series: Man Haters and it's based on true life events.
And one more thing, we're cooking an indie film based on the story I've written, I wont be spilling the beans for now, but stay tuned cause we're gonna rock this.

Lots of Love,

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