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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


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1. The contest is open to all Filipinos in the Philippines in all ages, who have access to Western Union since that is how the prize will be transferred to you.

2. Short story should be in TAGALOG, not more than twenty pages in font type Arial, font size 12.

3. Prizes will be:
-3rd prize = Php 1,000
-2nd prize= Php 1,500
-1st prize= Php 2,000

4. Criteria will be as follows:
Originality= 35%
Grammar and composition= 30%
Story Concept= 35%


Total: 100%

5. Theme will be of your choice.

6. The contest is open from 1 Mar- 1 Jun and winners will be announced on 8 Jun, 2011 here on the site.

7. Send your entries to


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