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Sunday, 27 February 2011

From the Blog Editor: Valentines, Summer and Inspiration

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Let me first greet you a belated happy heart's day, too late, I know haha! Been so busy for a while and I'm still trying to cope and maintain this blog to the best that I can. It's just that I need inspiration in writing, I mean who doesn't? Where do you get your inspiration in writing? Well some people get their inspiration in what's happening in their daily lives, in their hopes and in dreams, in their imagination, I'm actually one of those people. Having inspiration is very important in writing, since it is where you get those strengths to put what's in your head in a paper. Thank God for blogs and internet and of course to my laptop.

Summer is fast approaching and I can now feel the heat of the sun. Having the sun actually helps me in imagining things, imagining stories and my fingers are spontaneous in typing in this keyboard of mine and I must admit, I'm loving the sounds of it with the slow music and low volume TV in my background.

How about you? What are your inspirations in writing and what makes you do it? I'll appreciate if you'll share it with me!


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