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Hi to all the readers of this blog, this is going to be my first letter to all of you. Let me give you some introduction which I haven't been able to give in the beginning of this blog.  

How does this blog starts? 
I truly love books, I would actually spent a fortune in buying books, I can say books can be really expensive. I also have a lot of friends who wrote some articles, short stories and sometimes novels, which are actually free to read, this blog have been set up for those readers who wanted free quality stories.

Who wrote these stories? 
Inspired people who wanted to express those hidden stories, and unsaid words. Not all people are fond of reading, and those who are fond of it, must admit shared this very special bond. It is like a secret passage, a password, a key to a new world, a different one,  shared by those who do read.

How to submit your stories?
Just send it to and we will do the editing for you as well as the images, or if you have one you can submit the same too. Just don't forget to include your pen name with it.

PS: As you can see guys, I have not been updating for a long time now, but more stories will be coming soon. So just stay tuned. ;)

Much Love and Cheers!

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