Jenny, the Prostitute by Fated Blue


Six months ago, I was walking along Tomas Morato at around 10 PM since I was supposed to meet someone in a comedy bar. I later found out my friend couldn’t make it. I decided to go somewhere where my time wouldn’t be such a waste. It was then I saw this girl just outside of this very popular bar. She was in sitting in a place with a table. I’ve always wanted to interview women who work at bars to know how they ended up there and how it’s like to work as a bar girl. So I went up to her and this is where it all began.

Her name, as far as I’m concerned is not a stage name, is Jennifer but she said to just call her Jenny. She was really beautiful. The guests would have to go VIP to be with her. She was tall (5’8″), slender, long legged, silky white skin, no dark spots on her elbows or knees, long, straight and dark hair, and her brown eyes can mesmerize you. You won’t really notice it at first but she’s got a handful for her chest size. She’s very curvy; really model-like.

She was wearing a black cocktail dress that skips the shoulders and a few inches above the knee. It fit her image perfectly. You’d think she was one of the customers if you wouldn’t ask her yourself.

She was only 24 years old and she’s been working for 3 years now. She’s a unica hija and she told me she ended up living alone after her mom and her had a fight about this American and she ran away. She told mer her story.

They’ve always lived in Manila since she was born. They had a neat house along Vicente Cruz. She was blessed to have really beautiful skin thanks to her mom’s complexion. It’s sad that her father died of lung cancer when she was 17. It was due to much exposure to harsh pollution with him being an MMDA officer.

With his death, and her mom being a normal housewife, they eventually lost their only source of income and had to sell their house. They had to live with her father’s friends in Cubao. After some time her mom met and fell in love with this American. Their meeting was nothing short of fated: he was just there to ask her for directions when she was out looking for a decent job. Since the American was alone in the country, he asked them to live with him in his apartment as his “family”.

They later found out that this American had a wife back in the states. That was no problem for them though. They only needed a source of income and her mom would tell Jenny that he’ll support her and her mom.

After some time, Jenny would catch her mom playing slave for this man. She’d always end up screaming at her mom who, as she would say, “nagmumukhang aso sa pagsunod nya sa amo”. She didn’t like the fact that her mom has to be like that just for them to survive. She eventually got fed up and ran away from home. From her neighbors, she found out that her mom went with the American and left for Singapore some time after she ran away.

Jenny only finished high school and didn’t really have anywhere else to turn to except her bestfriend who lived in an apartment in TAFT and was working as a saleslady at Robinson’s Ermita. She was 18 then and her friend got her a job there, also as a saleslady. She met her first love and experienced her “first time”. It would be 3 years before her first BF would leave her for another woman; her best friend. She got so distraught that she quit her job and left her best friend’s apartment out into the world of being alone.

She lived in a cheap apartment along Quezon city for a few weeks with the money she saved. After realizing the problems she would eventually have with money, she knew she had to get another job ASAP.

She went out looking for it in Tomas Morato at around 2 pm a few days later when she spotted a familiar face waving at her. It was her childhood friend Marisa. Marisa told her of this opening in this club and told her she’s qualified for it if she needs a job right now. It was easy pay, with a lot of customers giving excessive tips every night. The nature of the job? Dancer, entertainer, and masseuse. But the real money comes from the “special service”.

Looking at her past (Broken family, no lover, no best friend, no education, no job) she couldn’t give a damn on what happens in her life from then on. She went ahead and accepted the job offered to her. She eventually lived with Marisa who happens to be renting a decent apartment at Quezon city.

Jenny told me that working in a bar isn’t that hard as opposed to the salary and extra income they earn on a nightly basis. She told me she would earn 5 times her monthly salary in just 1 week if she gets lucky.

As for her special service, I asked her how it felt like to have sex with strangers and jackasses and she told me she only had it different on her first time as a prostitute but, as with routines, she got used to it. She started regularly priced but as soon as she became in demand, she was able to multiply it ten fold. She told me “Kung may gagalaw sa’yo, yung alam mong handang malaki ang ibabayad diba?”. She once told me she made a foreigner pay her 25k for one night.

There were some who would be really rough with her but most treated her as if she was their girlfriend; their lover. Sometimes she feels like her life was being choked out of her and how she was just used like some thing that can be thrown away after but she said she didn’t mind. It’s a fantasy their living out and they’re paying for it. Some would “rent” her and her friend as “package deals”. But she wouldn’t dare be involved in a gangbang. She once was asked to service four businessmen and they would pay her generously but she just didn’t like it. She tells me she only likes sex with one man. With women though, she said she didn’t mind it when two lesbians tried her.

She told me she has her regrets but she also tells me regretting wouldn’t put food in my plate. She knew she would become a whore the moment she said yes to Marisa. I told her how she could’ve been a model or something like that but she told me she felt “real” since she started working as a bar girl. She told me this job was meant for her and she wouldn’t mind working as long as the money’s flowing.

I asked her “Kelan mo balak mag quit?” She said she was saving up and plans to get her and friends to run a small business. She said she has no idea what kind of business though but she has had this plan since she started working. “Ah basta. Yung tipong mabubuhay na kami ng matiwasay; yung malayo sa mga ganitong lugar.” she said. “Pwede din kung may matinong lalaking magpapakasal sa’kin.” she added.

I would’ve asked her to tell me more but a woman came out and told Jenny someone was asking for her and she told her it was her favorite customer. Jenny said she’ll be in there in 5 minutes. She looked at me with a very exciting smile and a little giggle.

“Boyfriend ko ‘yun!” she proudly said. “Pinapaalis na nya ‘ko sa work ko pero sabi ko tatapusin ko lang yung contract ko. Di na nga ako nagpapa special service kasi sabi nya sya na lang daw ang bahalang bumuhay sa’kin. Ilang buwan pa lang kami pero committed na sya. Kung okay ang lahat, sana pakasalan nya ‘ko. Di ko lang alam kung anu ang masasabi ng pamilya nya sa’kin; di pa kasi nila alam. Ang friends nya alam nila bargirl lang ang talagang trabaho ko. Siguro di ko na lang din sasabihin. Ihahanap daw nya ‘ko ng ibang trabaho.”

I told her I was a bit surprised to know how this man loved her so much despite her past. I could tell just by the looks of her eyes that she was very in love with this man. In the end, I told her “Ayos! At least kahit papaano diba? Kahit nagkanda sira-sira ang buhay mo noon eh okay naman pala sa huli.” She told me she realized the very same thing. “Talagang mahal pa rin ako ng Diyos kahit nagkaganito ako at ang buhay ko. Kaya kahit na naging pokpok ako, malakas ang faith ko. Diba, mapagpatawad si God?” she added.

“O sige, mauna na’ko. Baka magtaka yun kung bakit ang tagal ng 5 minutes ko!” she said as she stood up and walked toward the entrance. She then turned around and asked “Di ka ba papasok?” I shook my head and refused her offer. She waved goodbye, faced the entrance and walked inside. That was the last time I ever saw her.

I looked up my watch and saw it was already 12:30 AM. I didn’t realize we spent 2 hours talking. Hearing her story really literally made the time fly. After thinking about what she just told me, after reflecting on her story, I got up and made my way home.

From what she told me, I saw how she was much better than other women who were virgin or were conservative. I realized that it’s not a job that makes you special; it’s how special you think you are. I’ll always remember this story. The little time we spent will always be memorable. It’s a special event in my life already.

But you know what makes it even more special? It’s that for a moment there, as I sat across the table, admiring the chair she left, imagining her still sitting there smiling at me, I knew I was in love with her.

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