Cathrine Chevogn: PROLOGUE


The writhing agony and pain were drawn in the face of the person I love. For the first time in my life, I could read his emotions. He was transparent to the point that I knew what are the possible actions he’ll take as soon as I left.
My Father—my beloved Father.
How can I stand this situation—this egotistical decision I have come forth. How imprudent I am to be your daughter—given that everything was on my footstool. Is this what I should repay you?
No. This isn’t.
It’s a new beginning of becoming what you wanted me to be. Though I am tarnishing from your world, I would never forget the responsibilities laid on my shoulders.
This isn’t about you, Father. This is the path I chose.
Years have passed and I wanted to take freedom as well—to feel what seem to be the people around me experiences. What it means to be freed—away from the real world I am. I know the outcome, still was decided and has been proclaimed but I’ve got to try in my earnest.
Just try.
The plane took off. I now leave my life for a journey of a new beginning—a new life around strangers.
“ Everything is in its proper order.”

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