Cathrine Chevogn: Chapter Three


The first month from the academy came through and was done. Weekend—I jilted off from the sunny room I had. My back was hurting.
Must be the bed. I thought to myself.

The phone rings and as I picked it up and saw the name on the screen; I didn’t know how to took it up and talk to the caller. But respect won over.
“ Father?”
“ What took you so long to pick up the phone?”
“ I apologize, father. Is there something that you need?” I said lazily.
“ Je vous ai entendu ont ete blesses a lecole?” I knew it.  He already heard about the incident took place.
“ Je vais bien, ma pere.”  I assured the safety of my life.
“ N’est pas le temps de laisser les Chevogn etre meprise.” I knew he was being protective again even his words do not compel the temper from being scorned. But these means that he will take actions.
“ S’il vous plait, Ma Pere. Je vous en pue, n’interferent pas.”
“ Non, Mademoiselle.” His words rose up and it was a dangerous time to take everything lightly.” Je vais garder un o’eil sur vous.”
I bit my lip. I should never underestimate his clause on my borders. None at this time that there could be more sufficient to exude his temper. This was a worse possible but the worst is still to come.
“ Father?” I asked in a lower voice.
He remained to be silent.
“ I’m so sorry, Father.” I sighed then continue. “I didn’t mean to involve you in this. And I promise to be careful enough and to take care of myself.”
“ I don’t know what has gotten into your mind that you actually lose the control to take the circumstances into your palm. And I never intended that you be known as the person you want to be.” He took a sigh, “ I actually questioned myself whether I have been wrong in raising you.”
“ Dad, please, don’t think it that way. That doesn’t concern you. I have chose this path and I am not blaming you for this miseries.”
“ You can’t take it away from me. I am your Father.  It is necessary and my responsibility to be fretting about you. And as much as possible, I want you to be out of that land.” His voice softened.
I knew he was reminiscing his old times—a memory he couldn’t forget or even hide off. 
“ Dad.”
“ Just come home.”
“ Dad, I want to see her grave. “
“ No!” He shrieked.
“ But Dad…”
 “ I said, NO. That’s final or I’ll haul you back.” He insisted. His words are the law and a law for us to follow.
And talking even her grave gave me a shuddering look, sympathy and pain on my heart for my Dad. He seemed to not be able to accept the death even for seventeen years.
“ I love you Dad and I respect you. “
“ Should I be afraid of what you’re saying? It is of a grave warning foretold to me every time you say them.”
I smiled. “ Dad, it is. I love you.”
“ Thank you, sweetheart.”
Silence came surging in.
“ He’s there.”
A familiar feeling came filling my heart—fear and the want to overcome the urge to see him. But knowing the pain he had caused so much for me, resentment won over.
“ Quiest-ce? What is he doing here?” I swallowed.
“ Do not fret. I told him to stay away from you.”
Hearing my father do these things, I didn’t know if I want it that way or is it pain that I was feeling that slices my bleeding heart.
“ T-Thank you.”  I answered unknowingly.
“ You sure, you don’t want the both of you to settle everything?”
I shook my head like he was there in front of me. “ No.”
“ Okay.”
Our conversation goes on toward his job and my new responsibility. Too little, too late but still I felt I was in the nick of his power.

The days soon came and go. There are a few changes, almost a bit of it. Students do not come and bargain themselves to exude their branded life. And they come for me—to exchange smiles. And I was happy enough. Katie and I seem to be good enough. But one thing that didn’t change, I was the same student whom everyone does not seem to get through with. I mean, Cathrine was the person, they would still avoid off when necessary. Was it respect or out of disgust? Whatever it is, I gladly accept the label; after all, I knew what’s going on in my life. I didn’t need to let them the branded life be a favor for them to join their little amusements.

“ Ms. Chevogn, the President wanted to see you after the classes.” My professor announced it to the whole class. Stunned like every one in the class, I nodded in agreement.

“ No, Sire!” I stood up on the sofa chair.
The president wanted me to be part of the school organization—no, that’s more of that. He wants me to be known, superior to the Student President.
“ It is really necessary, Mademoiselle. I couldn’t take lightly the possibility that you are being disposed of the…
“I do not wish to be exposed—that you can be amazed of.” I snapped at him. “ I apologize, but I cannot accept it.”
“ But you need the protection..”
“ I can take care of myself. Thank you for worrying but I can handle on my own.” I turned back. “ If there isn’t something that you can tell me more important, I need to go. I still have a class. I apologize for the exude behavior. “ I bowed lightly.
“ I won’t take it back. I’ll give you enough days to think about it, but that is already final.”
I tightly closed my eyes and walked back out of the place. I took a deep sighed and took out the phone.

“ Dad,” Finally he took time with the phone.  “ Was this your doing?”
“ What is it my dear?” he was recalling. “ Ah, so my dear friend finally talked about you.”
“ My goodness, Father!” I exclaimed. “ You are not supposed to do those things.”
“ You can’t tell me what am I supposed to do. I am your Father.” His voice went up.
“ I didn’t mean it that way but you could have consulted me first. Beside, you’re putting me into a more grave danger.”
“ What in the name of Merlin’s beard are you trying to say? “
“ Dad…”
“ Are you being threatened? Someone’s hurting you? Why didn’t you…”
” Dad…”
“ Tell me about it?”
“ Dad…Wait up.”
Father was worrying almost everything now. He continued talking something I am not sure about.
" Dad!" I yelled at him. " Please, stop this thick witted argument you are imposing. It's not worth it. So please just hear me out." I begged him. He wouldn't stop being outraged.
" Dad " I started. " If this has to do with you I beg you to call off your agreement with him. I appreciate your feelings and the worries you are paying for me but it isn't necessary. I do not wish to enjoy the game of chess in the Academy. No worse than the pawn ready at their disposal anytime. 
Perhaps, you were right when you said I didn't need to come along. parents know what's best for their children."
" So are you saying, you are giving up? I thought you said you can do things on your own? I didn't raise you to be a failure." He said. 
" I didn't said it is a failure and you should know me. The harder it gets, the more I become eager to finish it." I smiled and as my mind was processing the things. 
Dad nailed it again. He was able to convince me again. I breathed. It is always common for Dad to revert the problem back to me--make me realize the pros and cons of the actions and briefly orient on the outcome. Dad had the talent to persuade without getting yourself feel being manipulated. 
" All right, Dad. My answer is only this, the place is just polluted and I was the only person available to clean up the mess. Satisfied now?" 
I heard him laugh. " Vous êtes un vrai Chevogn."

I wonder what fire have I started to kindle.         

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