July 11th, 2009

The square makes way, for another new day
The waters glitter, from the fountain in the center
The trees give shelter, birds give their song,
Along comes the peddler, humming all along
She came from a poor family, not caring for the fact
She knew she had to deal with it, knew she had to act
With her basket full of stuff, she peddles with joy
But she didn’t know her innocence, will be taken by a boy
At a young age, life was full of smiles
We only know how to laugh; we don’t know how easily we cry
This age perhaps certainly, maybe the best any of us has ever had
Things were just black and white, this is good, and this is bad
Perhaps when she grows up, she’ll remember all along,
Her happy times peddling, all the while singing a song
When we need happiness, there is one thing sure to make us smile
Our childhood, just go back to it, the time where everything was worthwhile

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