The Kill


April 28th, 2009

With memories of chatter,
indistinct, but clear
Those fine chunks of laughter,
still he can hear
A conversation, a place,
a great time to spend
Around,  in the middle,
of old Judgments Bend.
Moonlight shines upon the guilty,
or so as they say
He spies her rather quickly,
and as he stared, she swayed…
Over to the side of the road,
passing other sinners
Noticing the fire in the man’s eyes,
not getting any thinner.
"Wanna go?" the man says,
"Sure, where to?" came the reply.
Although he doesn’t look it, he says
"“Any place, you want to try."
The lady said, "You don’t look like, the kind to have money,"
The man held her hand, hard and told her,
"Shut up bitch, come on, I’ll show you are not right."
The lady just gave in, and took him inside a black building,
On the first floor, a bar, girls with just bare clothing,
Money here, money there, all for the taking,
Money thrown, just like thrash, just like it was nothing.
The lady, noticing the look in the mans eyes,
whispered, "Money, so much money, you look so surprised."
He clasped harder, "Where is the damn room, I don’t have time for this shit."
But in his mind, having that kind of money, scored hit after hit.
Across the bar, before coming upstairs,
They came across another man.
"How much is he paying? I’ll pay much higher than what he can."
The man, thinking, what a prize the lady is, pulled out his gun,
Hit the other man, across his head with a savage flick of the hand.
The butt of the fun spilled blood across the then surprised face,
The man, smiling at the terrified lady,  whispered , "Come on, we have no time to waste."
The lady,  realizing what she’s just gotten into, then just agreed,
The room they found, the bed they fell,
Minute after minute, the lady thought"
This is going to hell.
The man,  savored every bit, of the goddess with him,
He thought inside himself, this is heaven surely.
The lady, unable to hold it any longer, thought that it was enough, screamed, "Enough!"
But the man, with all the animal sounds coming out of his breath,
Never stopped, never stopped, he wants to fuck her to death.
The lady started thrashing, unable to bear the pain,
the humiliation, the embarrassment, of what’s going on her nightmarish day.
Finally, she let out a scream "Enough!!! You filthy pig!"
And hence the man stopped,
his mind fluttering with images, of what has been said by the slut.
"You’re dirty! You’re disgusting! You are not human!
You are a pig! Didn’t you have enough of your fill?"
And at the last words of the lady, the man broke off angered,
as his rage made him move on for the kill.

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