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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Fragment of Stories I "Dear Math" (Submitted by MARYJANE)

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Dear Math,

Your X never told me Y she left, now she's no where to be found. And for the Nth time, please stop killing yourself over what happen. Also, stop calling her Number because its not available anymore!

What went wrong was as simple as 1, 2, 3... and life goes on to 3, 4, 5...and so on. There's really no need trying to figure out that triangled Pythagorean affair. Don't complicate things, there was three sides. One elongated length which to we thought was equal to the other opposite one but then it was not that as plain as eyes can see, there was the short leg extension. In an uncomplicated manner, the love you see and I see was never equal as it seems, no self-explanatory for that. Things happen, for a lot of reason.

I hope you could carry forward what's left with you and move onto Abstraction.

Faithfully Yours,


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